VIDEO: Lucien on Season So Far

Receiver Devin Lucien talked about getting comfortable and seeing his future role as the heir apparent to Shaquelle Evans...

Devin Lucien talked to us after practice.

On the season so far:
It's going good. I'm really impressed with how our team is doing so far. I feel like we've done a lot of great thing. We still have a lot of things to improve on. With myself individually, I think I've come a long way since last year, just getting more used to playing games and getting used to doing the things I need to do more consistently. I think it's starting to show on the field and I think the coaches see it too.

On if it took a while:
Yeah, a little bit. It took a little bit because coming from a broken collarbone, you start thinking about your injury all the time. So coming back from the injury slowed me down a little bit but I haven't been thinking about it and I've been trying to come out here and work every day.

On if he's thinking about it too much:
I don't think about it at all. Towards like in the spring and summer, I'd think about it a little bit but now that I'm in the games, I don't think about anything at all, I'm just playing.

On being a part of the rotation instead of starting:
It doesn't really matter. I'm in the rotation and trying to do the best I can every day so I can stay in the rotation and try to get more playing time and stay more on the field as the season goes on.

On the offense spreading the ball around:
I don't really mind it. We have Shaq, who's having a great season and he's like my big brother. Watching him do his thing all the time, I feel like i'm going to have to replace his shoes next year and really play my role this year and do whatever it is I can to help the team. That means I have to catch the ball when it's thrown to me, I'll catch it and try to do the most with it, and if it doesn't come to me, I'll be blocking my butt off. You can best believe, that I'll be doing something. Catching the ball isn't the only thing that goes into being a receiver.

On if there is a hot receiver or if Hundley finds them randomly:
Usually it's random. I can tell you with the spread offense that the two inside receivers are going to get a lot more looks with the ball rather than the outside receivers. And with Shaq being a senior and being a Biletnikoff candidate, we're really trying to make him stand out as a great receiver that he is. It's all timing. I have two more years after this year, I have three including this year, so I'm not really sweating too much on what happens this season. I'm just really satisfied with being in the game and trying to win a Rose Bowl or a national championship with the team.

On if he looks at this year as one preparing him to take over for Shaq:
That's exactly how I see it. I remember Coach Neuheisel talking about J.J. Stokes and he always had somebody ahead of him but when that dude left, he became the man. Hopefully I can do that or even be better than J.J. Stokes.

On Coach Yarber:
Oh man, Coach Yarber has done so much for me. When he first got here, he turned me into a fluent receiver that just knew how to get off every look they threw at me, every time. With my blocking and everything, he just turned me into a complete receiver and I feel like if we just stay together and with this coaching staff, I could be a great receiver when it's all said and done. But like I said, I'm still getting acclimated with everything and just out here trying to have a good time.

On what he means by if the staff stays together:
I just say that because you see the progress and usually when there is progress like that, for some reason, coaching staff's split up and I'm just saying, I don't want that, I love my coaching staff just like the fans do. I love my coaching staff so much and it's every single one and I love my team and I'd take a bullet for them. I'm just really excited to be out here playing. And fans, don't get all excited with what I'm saying. I want this coaching staff to stay together like everything else.

On how important the Nebraska win was for the team:
I don't think Nebraska was that much because of what we had to do in San Diego. And how much we bought into the team. Nebraska wasn't, I don't want to say it wasn't a big deal, because it was with the passing of our brother Nick, and we had to make a statement for him and his family, but as far as the crowd and being out of my comfort zone, I never really was because of the training in San Diego from the coaching staff and leading up to the game. To be honest, it didn't really faze me. The only part that really did faze me was, that was my first collegiate start by the way at Nebraska, was when we came out and started pumping the crowd up and they got loud. It was all of our ideas. Literally right at the moment, I saw everyone else do it and I just did it too. But when they actually got louder, I was like 'what the heck'. But when I took off, I ran like a 4.1, it was the fastest I ever ran in my life. But yeah, it wasn't really too much for us. With Nick passing and how much support we had through that, that really upped our confidence a lot through that game. We have Stanford and Oregon and we have Utah too. Utah is a pretty hostile environment too. We're looking forward to it and we're happy we're going to be able to play a great opponent and come out with a W.

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