VIDEO: Martin on Young Secondary

Defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin talked about the advantage of the two bye weeks in developing his young secondary...

On the early bye weeks for a young secondary:
I think that it's very advantageous for us in the secondary. Being so young, having these early breaks, makes being able to catch guys up, teach guys and have them see film, give them extra time and work on their mistakes, and why they were making those mistakes, we need time to bring these guys along. They're coming and they're getting there. Obviously there is a little frustration setting in because they're not performing as well as they think they should be performing, but really they're right on schedule so these bye weeks are very helpful for us in the background.

On who are some players benefitting from it:
Well Tahaan, his growth is really benefiting and obviously Priest Willis, his situation where we were waiting for Clearinghouse with the NCAA, he missed the first five weeks of summer and things like that, with Coach Sal, I think was really vital. Now I think you can see he's coming into his own, getting into shape. Now it's a trust thing for him, trusting what we're teaching, trusting what we're coaching and believing in it and then going out and performing it down after down without having to be reminded to do so.

On Fabian Moreau:
When we first moved him over to corner, last year, it was one of those things, I'd seen him joking around with some of the guys, he's up there pressing them, so we're like 'hey man, let's come over here and try it.' Our numbers were low, this is when he was at running back. Just out there playing after practice, and we're like 'hey, come over here with us.' I'm always recruiting. Recruiting from within and recruiting from out. That was one of the main things with him. Work on his press, work on his backpedal and we knew that was a weak point for him and he's done a phenomenal job in the offseason workouts and working on it. We've strengthened a weakness. Usually they have the same physical traits, a running back and a defensive back. In high school, usually your best defensive backs are your running backs because they're not afraid of contact because they're running the ball, so therefore they can tackle. Same thing as running and stopping and cutting and those type of things. Usually they crossover pretty well. That's why it wasn't a hard decision, especially because we had guys like Johnathan Franklin and we were really deep at running back last year so it was an easy switch for us and Fabian, just being the great athlete that he is, he took to it and he's reaping the benefits. He's still young and there are a lot of new things still happening to him that have never happened to him before.

On Randall Goforth:
I think the game is starting to slow down for him right now. Especially from playing a lot as a true freshman. That helped him out a lot. This year he's taken on more of a leadership role as far as trying to bring the young guys along, and when he's trying to bring the young guys along, it's forcing him to reiterate what the coaches are saying and becoming a coach on the field. Now the game is slowing down to him more and he's making sure everybody else in the right position and he's putting himself in position to make the plays. He was kind of a corner/safety more so who could play receiver. We just moved him back to safety because of his football intelligence.

On the secondary not being tested much early:
Not only Utah, but now it's Pac-12 play, so a lot of balls will be up in the air, flying and it won't change our principles, we'll still teach the same stuff, just now, they'll get more chances to put it up and put it out there. We're still going to work on not letting guy catch touchdown passes, we're still going to work on tackling guys. Nothing changes for us. We're going to be there, we'll get off the plane, or we'll get off the bus, we'll see them at the Rose Bowl, wherever and, let's play.

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