VIDEO: Hundley on Utah

Brett Hundley talks about how the team is preparing for Utah this weekend and how they'll use last year's close win to prepare for this week...

Brett Hundley on Utah:

Opening statement:
They're aggressive. Very aggressive. We just have to go out and use our speed. I think our tempo is going to help us out this week. As long as we're doing what we're supposed to do and what the game plan is, we should be good.

On if he wants it to be shootout:
We try to not to punt. We've had two games where we didn't have to punt. That's a good job, but every time we get the ball, we want to score. That's our job and that's what we want to do. The defense is going to do their job and we trust them. It's not going to be a shootout. But if it is, we're going to move the ball, score some touchdowns, have some fun out there, move the ball. Get it rolling from there.

On if the time off has helped:
It sort of just helped us in the aspect of we have a little bit longer to set up our game plan, watch some more film and now we can sort of get our bodies under us. These next couple of weeks are going to be some tough weeks in the middle of the season. It's helped us, we've been able to fix some mistakes from the non-conference games. And now we're starting into Pac-12 and we'll be ready for that.

On how important it is for them to get their first Pac-12 win:
Huge. Every game we've got to win. Every game we have to take like it's our last. No matter who we're playing, we have to come in. It's a Thursday game so it's a little different, but we have to come in, have some fun and come back with a W.

On the biggest area improvement for the offense this year:
I think communication. Watching film, I was watching some film yesterday of us vs. Utah last year, and I think the big thing was communication. Last year, we didn't really understand the defensive aspect and fronts and looks and what the tendencies are. Now, even me and Jake are talking, I can just let him do his thing, and I can do mine. There is a lot more ease and relaxation there in the pocket. I think the communication part, and knowing where everyone is going to be.

On what he saw from last year's game:
Nothing really went wrong, we came out with a W and that's all that matters. No game is going to be how you expect it to be, no game is going to be perfect, when you blowout a team. No matter how we get the win, if we get the win, that's good in our books. It was a slow-paced game last year, rather slow compared to what we do. Our defense played a great game. This week, we have to play a fast tempo to our advantage.

On if their defense tries to slow things down:
I know a lot of teams have tried to slow down the tempo of our offense, and how we play the game, but it's really on us. With our substitutions, we just have to be on what we're doing, and understanding, that no matter what they're doing we have to move the chains.

On what a big thing they're working on is:
Third down's are a big one for us. In this offense, going three and out isn't good for us. With how fast we go, a three and out gets our defense right back on the field. We just have to be able to convert on third down, make some big plays and score touchdowns.

On determining the pace:
We've done a good job but we can still do better. That's why we're out here grinding everyday. We're still out here trying to get better. As long as we keep pushing ourselves, we can easily be a national champion. Like to throw that out there.

On working on a faster pace in practice:
We've been moving extremely fast these past couple of days. For the last couple of practices.

On what he thinks the identity of the offense is so far:
I feel like the run sets up the pass. Coach Mazzone loves to throw the ball, as do I. If he runs too much, I'm going to say something, but if we throw too much, then we'll have to run the ball. It's a balance thing. It balances itself out. Teams can't decide which one we're going to do, just because we're going to do either/or. If you want us to run, we'll run, if you want us to throw, which is what I want to do, we'll throw.

On if Utah has any weaknesses they're trying to exploit:
Nah, as long as we play our game, we don't try to make our game plan around the team we play. We focus on what we do and how we're coached to do and our rules. As long as we do our protection right and go through our run blocking assignments, whatever they do is whatever they do. As long as we play our game and have some fun out there, we'll be good.

On Jordon James:
He's been real good. That was the big question before. But it's not just him, we have a whole bunch of running backs. We've got Paul Perkins and Manfro and JJ doing his thing back there. The O-Line, give credit to them, because without them, they wouldn't be running the ball like that. They're doing a great job back there, and our running backs are making them miss.

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