VIDEO: Mazzone on Utah Defense

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone says that Utah has the best defensive front UCLA has faced this season...

Noel Mazzone on Utah offense:

On what he sees from Utah's defense:
I've been going against them for a while. Kyle and them do a great job. They're physical. Strong, very well-coached. They've been in the same scheme for a long time and they know what they're doing. They always come up with a good plan against every offense they see and make adjustments. It's going to be a great challenge for us.

On the difference in their front without Star Lotulelei:
Star was obviously a great player. I think maybe they don't have the marquee guy like last year, but I think as a group, the four defensive linemen, up to this point, is the best front four that we've gone against.

On what Utah did last year defensively against them to limit them to three touchdowns:
I've got you guys trained well. "Only" three touchdowns. Like I said, for those reasons, they do a great job up there, they're very well coached, their kids play hard. They're a physical bunch. They match their physicality against our speed. We've got to kind of be a physical team back against them.

On what he noticed about their front:
Good at what they do, physical guys, play hard, second effort. What great defensive lines do. Kind of relentless guys coming at you. Our O-Line, they need to come out and have to perform.

On if they bring extra pressure:
Nothing more than everybody does. It's nothing out of the ordinary. They've got some great things. I think their coaching staff does a great job. They're always going to play really good defense. They held down a good BYU team. Those kids, it's a good challenge for us, I'm excited to go up there and play.

On what the key is to getting the offense going earlier:
I don't know. Call better plays I guess. I don't know. Are we not very good on our first drives? I've only punted three times this year, so we can't be that bad. Right? That's something that Coach Mora really stresses, that we have to be a good team that comes out and starts fast. We know we're going in to an environment up there, it's a blackout, it's sold out. They'll be jacked up for it. To be honest with you, we're the same every day. We kind of really worry about us and try to get a little bit better every day.

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