VIDEO: Spanos on Wilson, Utah

Lou Spanos talks about Utah's offense and the challenges of facing a running threat like Travis Wilson...

Lou Spanos talks about the Utah offense:

On the problems Utah's offense might present:
It starts with their offensive line. They do a great job of pushing the line of scrimmage back and their quarterback is doing a great job this year. The receivers, once he gets the ball to the receivers, they do a good job of catching and they're an explosive team.

On how Travis Wilson compares as a runner to previous QBs:
He's a different style of runner. However, the result is the same if not greater. He made a lot of touchdowns, a lot of long runs. He's a good runner. He's a tall runner. He gets a lot of yards. They do a nice job with him.

On the improvement of Wilson:
Just maturity. Coach Erickson does a great job with him. And the more reps he gets, the better he gets. He's a great kind of player.

On what they can take from last year's game:
We watch it. Very similar personality, returning players. You watch that and see the 1on1 battles.

On if the scheme has changed:
It's different. Same principles but it's expanded. I don't know who's influence it is. But they're a good team.

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