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The Oakley (Calif.) Freedom running back, Joe Mixon, talks about a potential visit to UCLA and his recent visit to Washington...

Oakley (Calif.) Freedom running back Joe Mixon ran for almost 300 yards and scored six touchdowns on Friday night.

The next day, he boarded a plane for Seattle and took his second official visit, this one to Washington.

"It was a good trip and I had a good time," said Mixon. "I was tired from our game but then I got up there and had a good time with the team. I got to see the stadium and that was real. Getting to see the team live, they did a good job and Coach Sark did a good job with his players, getting them ready to play in that rain."

The rain was the only downside for Mixon on the visit.

"Man, I've never been in rain like that," said Mixon. "I still had a really good time, I just wish it hadn't rained so much. It's not like that in the Bay."

Still, the rain couldn't put a damper on his visit.

"Shaq Thompson was my host and I was with Darrell (Daniels, his former Freedom teammate) too," said Mixon. "I also spent a lot of time with Coach (Tosh) Lupoi and Coach (Johnny) Nansen. I have a real good relationship with Coach Lupoi and a cool one with Coach Nansen and we always have a good conversation. And me and Coach Sark have a cool relationship too."

Mixon was supposed to visit Florida the weekend before but swapped in the visit to Washington, which kicked off a three-weekend visit blitz which will take him to Oklahoma this next weekend and to Wisconsin the following weekend.

"I was supposed to visit Oregon too, but I heard they're done taking backs now, so if that's true, I guess I won't be taking on there," said Mixon. "I don't know for sure. If I don't go to Oregon, I'm going to take an official visit to UCLA during the season. If I still visit Oregon, I'll take an unofficial down to UCLA then. I want to visit everyone I'm still considering before the Army Bowl."

Mixon said he's currently holding a top six, California, Oklahoma, Oregon, UCLA, Washington and Wisconsin, but acknowledged that could change very soon.

"If Oregon is not taking any more backs, then I'm set on my top five and I'll be making my decision from those five at the Army Game," said Mixon.

Mixon's visit to Oklahoma will see him joined by fellow California five-star Michiah Quick and when he visits Wisconsin, another California five-star will be there at the same time in Damien Mama.

"Me and Michiah will be going to Oklahoma and that's all I know of right now," said Mixon. "And when I go to Wisconsin, me and Damien will be there and John Plattenburg is visiting too."

Mixon said that so far, he's had coaches from Cal and UCLA at his games, and expects more in the coming weeks.

"Coach McClure and Coach Broussard from UCLA came to my game last week when I didn't even have them in my top five and that meant a lot to me because I didn't have them in there but they came to watch me. They had told me they were coming, so I wasn't surprised but it still meant a lot," said Mixon. "Now they're in my top schools and I talk to Coach Mora a lot and probably more than all of them now."

Despite all the attention he's receiving, the constant phone calls and the busy weekends of games and official visits, Mixon is still enjoying the process.

"It's not stressful at all and I'm just taking my time and enjoying myself," said Mixon.

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