VIDEO: Barr on Utah

Anthony Barr talks about what Utah's offense does successfully and what specific challenges Travis Wilson will pose for the UCLA defense...

Anthony Barr on Utah:

On what he's seen from Travis Wilson:
He's more comfortable back there and he's hurting teams with his legs. He's a good player. We're preparing for him.

On if they think he's more of a true dual-threat:
I think he's more comfortable throwing the ball than running the ball, but he's accepted that role, as far as running the zone read and getting out in space and making people miss so we respect him as both a passer and a runner.

On if he thinks they'll be challenged more downfield:
Yeah, and that just makes our pass rush have to be on point. It will be a little more focused on getting to him.

On if it's more challenging facing a tall dual-threat guy:
It's a little bit different. Something we haven't faced this year, as far as his size. We'll feel it out as the game goes, but we'll start fast and hit him early.

On if they'll use similar approaches with previous dual-threats:
Yeah, but I think he wants to stay back there and throw the ball more than Martinez and Fajardo, who turned around the corner and wanted to scramble.

On what the biggest challenge Utah presents offensively:
I'm not sure, I think they're just a sound offense. They like to play physical football with a big strong offensive line, and receivers who like to make plays downfield, so we've been preparing every day.

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