VIDEO: Payton on Utah

The sophomore receiver Jordan Payton talks about going to Salt Lake City to play in a hostile environment, and how the young Bruin team will try to adapt...

Jordan Payton talked to us after practice.

On heading in to Pac-12 play:
It's always tough. Because now is really where the season starts. We're definitely excited to play Utah. They're a great football team. Especially when they play at home. We're definitely eager and ready to get it going.

On getting back out on the field after the bye:
It's fun. You get that week off and time to relax and get more football and look at the other teams and how they're playing. I'm definitely excited to play and definitely excited with all these guys to get into conference play.

On the offense's confidence compared to last year:
I would say yeah, because we have more experience with each other. With experience comes confidence and with all of us continuing to grow, the people on the field getting better and better every day, we develop more confidence.

On the receivers blocking:
We've worked on it a lot. Dying out there, getting the stock blocks and always harping on us to finish down field. We definitely made it a huge point in spring ball to get better at it and everything will continue to take care of itself. But blocking is all about hard work and finishing.

On if he's worked on his blocking before as much as he has now:
Lucky for me, my high school talked about it a lot. They harped on it a bunch. It wasn't a different thing for me when I came here. But it was a change to get screamed out constantly to finish down field and make your blocks.

On how much going to Nebraska helped with going on the road again:
We were talking about it the other day. Now we have a little sample of what a hostile environment is like. Utah is a great place to play. I've actually been there before to watch a game and I can tell you it's a hostile environment for sure. Going to Lincoln, and playing in front of 90,00 has definitely given us a taste of what away games will be like and we're definitely ready for it. I didn't go there for a visit, but I went to a game to watch one of my cousins play and it's a great place to play and a hostile environment. It's going to be a great experience.

On initial impressions with Nebraska's defense:
They play hard. I think that's the staple of their whole team, they just play physical and hard the whole game. We're definitely excited. Their secondary is very, very talented. And we're just excited to get after them.

On their own expectations:
I would be lying if I said I didn't see us move up in the rankings. We were watching the other games. We try not to listen to the noise, let it go in one ear and out the other. Because every day, it doesn't matter if you're the 11th best team, or whatever we're ranked. You have to come out and know that at any moment that could slip. We just have to remember to take it one game at a time. And get ready for this game with Utah and they're a good football team.

On what it means to get the win and be 4-0:
I don't think it's so much 4-0 as it is 1-0 in conference. Conference play is the most important and to continue to get a win in conference is huge. Getting a win in Utah, against a great football team and a great secondary and great special teams with a great offense and defense is going to be a tough test but we're definitely excited and can't wait to get out there.


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