VIDEO: Goines on Switch to Right

Offensive lineman Simon Goines talks about the switch from right to left tackle and his physical status...

Simon Goines talked to us after practice.

On practice:
It was good today. Everybody was flying around. It was pretty good.

On how the team as a whole heading into Pac-12:
I think we're doing real good, feeling confident. Ready to show the nation what we can do. Real excited. I think everyone gets nervous before a game, pregame jitters but after the first play, it all goes away, you just play football.

On moving to right tackle:
My knee, as you know, I hurt it in camp and it was just bothering me so I just switched. It's a lot better.

On if he'll just have to deal with the knee ongoing:
Yeah, it's just something I'll have to deal with overtime. It will just keep getting better.

On why the move is better for him:
It's better because I can keep my weight on that side, so all the weight. All the weight on the left side just goes to the knee.

On if he tore anything in the knee:

On if he's being pushed by younger players now at right tackle:
It's a competition every day. Everybody has to go out there and show what they have. Just the best man is going to play.

On if offensive line is tougher:
It's the group we have, with all the freshman coming in. Trying to get that atmosphere of O-Line University.

On the biggest difference from left tackle to right tackle:
It's not that different at all. It's just different plays. It's the same thing, because I've played before, it's not much different.

On how much it helps having played it before:
It helps a lot. Last year, I kind of got off to a slow start because I'd never played right before and having played it, I know, it's muscle memory.

On his difficulties at right tackle:
Really, when you move sides, your hips feel different because you're opening different ways, so it's different. It's just like new muscle is being broken.

On his health this year:
I'm a lot healthier this year.

On playing next to Alex Redmond:
It's fun playing next to Alex. He's a good guy. He's learning. He's learned pretty good. Sometimes, he makes a couple of errors but you just have to fix them and get back out there.

On the biggest takeaway from playing as a freshman:
Don't get down on yourself if you make a mistake. Everyone makes a mistake. You have to grow up faster if you make a mistake as a freshman.

On if the offensive line is more confident:
Yeah, it's a lot more confident. Just the mindset of the whole team. It's just real good. We play hard.

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