VIDEO: Adams on Secondary

Ishmael Adams talks about how the young secondary has developed and the test it will go through against Utah...

Ishmael Adams answered questions after practice of Utah week.

On the team's mentality heading into Pac-12 play:
We're still working as hard as we were in non-conference but now it's the thick of our schedule and the time to prepare and get ready for the passing teams and the hard running teams. We have a great conference that we play in and we're just taking it one game at a time and we're just ready to eat.

On being prepared to go on the road for Utah:
Nebraska was a great environment to come back and win like that and a great opportunity to learn from the mistakes we made. So going into Utah, which is another hostile environment, we're ready to come in there poised and start fast and get on our high horse.

On the secondary and their growth:
We've just gained so much more knowing of what each other likes to do and how we like to communicate and what our strengths are and what our weaknesses are so we have just more knowledge of who's on the field. We're getting a lot of experience and knowledge of each other and it's getting real good.

On how the bye week's have helped:
That first bye week we put in a lot of work and that helped a lot but really the games are what did it. We've been doing great in practice but to really show what we're capable of doing, it was all about the games.

On what they've seen from Utah:
They're a great receiver/quarterback combination and the rest of the receivers, are big, with a big body, and gives the quarterback a large target to hit and the tight end, he loves to go to. We're going to guard all of them and keep on looking at film and find tendencies and see if we can gain any extra knowledge of what they do or when we know someone is getting the ball. We're still looking at the film individually. We know they have great speed, great receivers and big bodies. So we're ready to come in and compete with them.

On if this will be the biggest challenge for the secondary:
I feel like we've already gone against good receivers. No degrading to them. I just feel like it's another opportunity to show of what we're capable of doing.

On Utah's balance:
It's a little different because the first few games, a running quarterback was the biggest thing, the read option quarterback. Coming off of that to passing, that was a huge thing. They have a little more passing. Their quarterback has a little more accuracy, even though Taylor Martinez put up two touchdowns on us. That was a difficult thing to overcome. Going versus this quarterback, we want to be a lot more tight on coverage and be closer to what we need to be.

On how to eliminate big plays:
We have emphasized a lot on staying on top of our routes. It was slim for us to be undercutting the route unless we're right on top of it or going for an interception. So Coach Meat has ingrained that in us and something we preach and took to heart. That's the biggest thing.

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