Mora's Friday Teleconference

Jim Mora updates the injury status of Torian White and Jordon James, and then talks about the development of Paul Perkins...

What's Jordon James' status?

X Rays are negative. He's in a boot, just to take pressure off of it. I'd say he's doubtful for this week, but I wouldn't rule him out. You never know how those things are going to respond. The day after a game, you have some swelling. But we'll see. It helps to have a couple of extra days, that's for sure.

Is it an ankle?

Yes, it's his ankle.

It must help to have some depth there.

It does. It does. And, the way that Paul's playing is helpful. Steven only really got a few chances last night and there wasn't really much there for him. He played really well against New Mexico State. We got Thiggy in for a play, but we didn't get him the ball. Then, Malcolm's an option as well. So I feel like we have some guys there, but we want to get him back as soon as possible as long as he's healthy because he's a good football player.

What's the time frame with Torian?

Torian's done. He's going to have surgery Tuesday. He has a break and a slight ligament tear, is what I've been told. Not an ankle ligament, but more the upper leg, so they're going to operate on it Tuesday.

They're going to operate on the bone or the ligament?

I don't know. I really don't. I never even asked.

Was the break in the ankle bone or was it higher up as well?

I don't know. All I know is he's done. I'm not a doctor, so I'd just be speculating.

What did you see on film from Caleb and Alex on that right side?

They did a good job. They obviously struggled at times against a good front, but they had some good plays as well. So I think they're both really good young football players, but they're both young. So at times there's going to be an error here or there, and we've got to be able to work through that. We've got to get them up to speed as quickly as possible.

How important is Jordon's passblocking, how much of a dropoff was there?

The only time they hit Brett is when they overloaded and had more than we could block, and we also scored a couple of touchdowns on those plays as well. Like I said the other night, it was a good blitz scheme, and we got after it pretty good as well. The backs blocked just fine.

How did the 13 penalties break down between aggressive and mental penalties?

Well, first of all, we had nine penalties. Well, we committed nine fouls, which is not good. But I'll go back and look at the 13, because I didn't give our guys an out on that either when we met with them as a team. I have it written down right here if you can hold on a sec, I'll give you a detailed rundown


I had six of what I would call unforced errors, or unforced penalties, which is a false start or an offsides. We had a false start, we had a false start, we had an offsides, well, if you can call Steven Manfro's unsportsmanlike conduct an unforced error, it wasn't a penalty. It was an outstanding is what it was. False start. We had six unforced errors, and those, we can control. We had four, what I'll say are decision or technique errors, which we can control. And we had three others, which are just aggressive, like Kenny Orjioke's facemask, or Eddie's roughing the passer. That was interesting.

So obviously that was an area you were emphasizing…

And we still are. It's a challenge for us right now. And like I said, I don't give us an out, and I don't talk to the team about whether or not I thought it was a bad call. But we're talking about some things that we can do to improve in that area, so we'll keep working at it. But like I said, it's a challenge for us right now. We've got to get it corrected. We had four penalties that could have been game changers, huge momentum changers. Huge changes in field position or game management strategy. I think they really understand it, but now it's a matter of applying it. I don't think it's a matter of effort, or that they don't care. For some reason I'm not able to get it fixed yet. I'm working hard on it though.

Does inexperience play into it?

On occasion, yeah, but certainly not in all circumstances. Sometimes it's being overeager. Sometimes it's a momentary lack of focus. You get beat, and instead of moving your feet, you grab .Or you get beat because you weren't quite ready or your eyes weren't in the right spot. It's all sorts of different things. It's not one particular issue. But we're working at it.

Did you see anything different in Paul Perkins that you didn't see before, or was it more just him getting the opportunity?

It was more the opportunity. We've been talking about him for a couple of weeks. He's been doing some good things. He made the most of it. He played well.

How important is Jake Brendel's leadership and development with Torian being out in terms of helping the freshmen next to him?

Oh, very important. And Jake's a very prideful guy. And I know it bothers him, I'm sure of it because I've talked to him, that a number of his snaps were low last night. He's not a guy that's ever looking for an excuse. But the fact of the matter is that he was put in a really difficult situation. We were trying to go silent count, which means that he has to have his head down. He was dealing with two true freshmen playing on his right side and he was trying to get them directed against a team that was bringing a lot of pressure. So, it was difficult for him. I think he'll really learn from it and get better. I think it was a great experience for him. I know the type of kid he is and how much pride he takes in his performance. I think it'll be something he really grows from.


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