UCLA in Pac-12 and National Statistics

See how the Bruins have fared statistically this season both in conference and throughout the country...

Team Statistics through 10/6

CategoryPac-12 RankNational RankValue
Total Offense2nd4th561.8
Rushing Offense3rd14th259.8
Passing Offense5th21st302
Team Passing Efficiency4th16th160.2
Scoring Offense2nd5th48
Total Defense5th34th354.8
Rushing Defense9th55th150
Passing Yards Allowed3rd29th204.8
Team Passing Efficiency Defense5th25th109.71
Scoring Defense4th30th20.3
Turnover Margint-5tht-46th0.5
3rd Down Conversion Percentaget-1stt-3rd0.583
4th Down Conversion Percentage1stt-8th0.75
3rd Down Conversion Percentage Defense1st3rd0.241
4th Down Conversion Percentage Defense12tht-91st0.667
Red Zone Offense8tht-61st0.84
Red Zone Defense10tht-101st0.9
Net Punting6tht-68th37
Punt Returns2nd16th14.55
Kickoff Returns7th71st21
First Downs Offense7tht-41st118
First Downs Defense5tht-29th89
Fewest Penalties Per Game12th123rd10.75
Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game11th121st89.25
Time of Possession5th61st29

Individual Statistics through 10/6

Individual CategoryNamePac-12 RankNational RankValue
Total OffenseBrett Hundley6th15th325.3
Completion PercentageBrett Hundley3rd29th0.655
Forced Fumbles Per GameAnthony Barr2nd2nd0.75
Interceptions Per GameIshmael Adamst-7tht-28th0.5
Interceptions Per GameAnthony Jeffersont-7tht-28th0.5
Kickoff ReturnsSteven Manfro2nd29th25.7
Sacks Per GameKeenan Grahamt-1stt-9th1
Sacks Per GameAnthony Barrt-6tht-33rd0.8
Passes Defended Per GameMyles Jackt-1stt-11th1.8
Punt ReturnsShaq Evans2nd4th19.6
Rushing Yards Per GameJordon James4th15th115.8
Tackles For Loss Per GameAnhony Barr1stt-6th2
Tackles Per GameEric Kendricks2ndt-26th9.8

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