Hawkins Liking the Bruins

The Buena Park (Calif.) 2015 Scout 300 receiver, Jaylinn Hawkins is eyeing UCLA early on...

Buena Park (Calif.) 2015 receiver Jaylinn Hawkins is already a Scout 300 prospect for his class and is one of the top receiver prospects in the region.

Boasting early offers from San Jose State, San Diego State and Oregon State, several other schools are getting involved.

"Man, I'm hearing from a lot of schools," said Hawkins. "Washington, Indiana, Florida State, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Cal, USC and UCLA, Washington State, Duke, Colorado, Georgia, Utah and Utah State and then Oregon."

The Ducks have left an early impression on Hawkins.

"I talked to Oregon two weeks ago and they came by the school," said Hawkins. "The coaches really like me, like my grades and said they're looking forward to recruiting me. I think most of my offers will come after my junior season."

Almost everyone is recruiting Hawkins as a receiver, though Missouri likes him as a defensive back.

"Most of the schools say they want me as a receiver and I'm leaning towards a receiver position," said Hawkins.

During the summer, Hawkins camped with both UCLA and USC, and as a Southern California native, he likes the local schools.

"USC has always been one of my schools since I was a kid," said Hawkins. "It was bad to have to fire a coach from a program, no one wants to get fired, but he didn't fit the requirement to be a head coach it seemed but I can't really judge or say anything."

UCLA has been making some traction with him too.

"I camped with UCLA and then I was at the game against Nevada and it was so much fun," said Hawkins. The atmosphere was fun and they smashed them. I loved the Rose Bowl and got to visit with a couple of coaches after the game, including Coach (Eric) Yarber."

Hawkins plans to see the two teams play each other next month too.

Outside of the Southland, Hawkins said Oregon impresses him the most.

"I like Oregon and the way they spread the ball and use their receivers," said Hawkins.

A good student, Hawkins is carrying a 3.5 and will take the ACT and the SAT in the spring.

I'm disappointed because I had a 3.6 so I'm trying to get those up to where I know they can be," said Hawkins.

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