VIDEO: Mora after Cal

UCLA head coach Jim Mora talked following the Bruins' 37-10 win over Cal, highlighting being 5-0, Brett Hundley's performance and more...

Opening Statement:
Good win.  It was great to come back and get a win, especially coming off what happened up there last year. The positives, we're 5-0, starting six true freshmen. We obviously threw the ball very well, and that was the third-highest passing game in UCLA history but he also missed some throws that were wide open.  I thought our defense played outstanding against an explosive offense, we held them to 10 points. That was fantastic. And in the second half, I was try to decide at halftime how to address the penalties. Whether I was going to go off, or should I ignore it? I decided to ignore it and we only had one, so I guess that is a positive. The things that we need to do better, you know, we struggled versus the run because they packed the box. But they paid for it because we threw the ball for 410 yards, so I'm proud of our offense for adjusting. I thought that Alex Redmond and Caleb Benenoch did an excellent job. We need to be able to score touchdowns in the red zone. We need to be able to punch it in there and get touchdowns rather than field goals, but look, when you beat another Pac-12 team, 37-10, you take that and you run with it. We are excited about the win. We are already looking forward to next Saturday when we get to travel up to Palo Alto to play Stanford.

On Cal's defense:
Pressure. When they were pressuring and they weren't necessarily getting a guy out there fast enough, shoot we were going to keep slinging it out there and get great gains. I thought it was a great game plan by Noel Mazzone game planning tonight and I thought Brett Hundley executed outstanding. It was good stuff, really good stuff.

On if redemption is on their mind against Stanford:
I think you have to be careful when you start to make it about redemption. Then you start to get emotional. It has to just be about us. We have goals and we have expectations and we have to stay on track with our goals and our expectations. We want to play with emotion but not be emotional. I think when you get the revenge factor, they beat us twice last year and they beat us in the Pac-12 Championship game. When those things become a factor, I think you are making a mistake. We just have to keep our eyes on what's important.  Going up to Stanford to play an outstanding football team.

On if he got an explanation for Cassius Marsh's ejection:
No, I didn't. I know that they were baiting him and he took the bait. I did not see it. From what I understand, there was a punch thrown. I know the Pac-12 has a review system, so we'll see what they'll say.

On Brett Hundley:
He missed a few, but the guy passed for 410 yards, so that's pretty good. That's the third-highest yardage in UCLA history, so I'm going to focus on that.  If you want to focus on the missed throws in the red zone, you go ahead and do that but tonight it's about 410 yards and a 37-10 win over Cal.

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