VIDEO: Mazzone on Hundley, Offense

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about some of Brett Hundley's missed throws and how the way Cal's defense played impacted the playcalling...

Noel Mazzone after California:

Opening statement:
It was interesting. I wasn't disappointed, but you know, we didn't run the ball very well. They pretty much came in the game, saying, alright, we'll throw the ball to beat them. They saw the pressure from Utah, so they brought a lot of pressure. I thought our two freshman offensive linemen did a really good job. We've still got a way to go with the run game with those guys. It's like anything, they get so used to, you want your five guys to play next to each other all the time, play like a nickel instead of five pennies. Tonight in the run game, they kind of played like five pennies. You know Jake, he's worried about Alex and all that, so I was really happy with how hard they played in pass pro.

On Brett Hundley's performance:
I thought it was alright. I don't know what he ended up being, 26-36 for 400? So obviously, you see with that statement, our expectations for him, he missed a couple throws down there at the goal line that just changed the game around, about three of them. We had to settle for field goals. I kind of got out of sync a little bit on our third and short. If you look at the game, I thought everybody did a good job. I think that our third down conversion was ridiculously low. So anytime you go in to any game, I don't care who you're playing, it's hard to keep your offense on the field and get our rhythm. We're such a rhythm offense. Some of that was, I called some bad plays. And some of that was Brett made some bad decisions. We missed a block here. I think we were 4-of-16 or something like that. That's not like us, that's been one of our strong suits all year. We're top 2-3 in the country in converting 3rd down and now you see what kind of struggle it is for any offense when you don't convert third down. So how Brett played, thank God he threw for 400 yards, right?

On the run game struggles:
We run the ball pretty good so you're going to have to take away something from us. Maybe their coaches didn't feel that way, but they forced our hand, they knew we were young. Some new guys and young guys on the O-Line. They weren't going to let us run the football. They were going to pressure Brett and see if we were going to handle the blitz and if we could beat them on the backend with our receivers.

On Damien Thigpen's return:
It should have been a touchdown, the underthrown one. It was to me was microcosm of the whole night. It's right there and we just miss it by that much. It's like Get Smart, missed it by that much. You hit one of those and you know how that stuff goes, it just starts rolling and everybody is happy now. The kids have done a great job, 5-0, and now we have to win just one more. We've got a big challenge at Stanford and a really good defense and I think our kids will come back, learn a lot from this tape and we'll just keep getting better.

On Hundley's struggles at the goal line:
Sometimes he gets, he wants to be so perfect instead of just breathing a little bit. I probably yelled at him for the first quarter, no, first 3-4 quarters. He's a very meticulous, very smart, very bright young man. He wants to know everything and where everything goes, and sometimes I've just got to go, 'man, you've just got to go and play.' Just throw it to our guys, they'll catch it for you. Instead of putting exactly there, or exactly here, that's what makes him the good quarterback that he is. And he is and he'll get better at that. He also made some big plays for us out there tonight.

On any differences in Hundley from last season to this season:
I think his pocket presence, the last two weeks have been good for him I think. He also knows there are two true freshman playing on the offensive line for him. So he hasn't been with those guys long enough to feel all the confidence he should have in the o-line. I think tonight really helped him. The week before, in the back of his mind was, hey they're going to pressure me and we have to have some success. And I think he did a nice job of stepping up and he's doing a nicer job of sitting in the pocket and going to his second and third reads. And also keeping his eyes up when he gets flushed out of the pocket.

On Devin Fuller:
God, I love that guy. He just keeps getting better and better every week. I think because this is his seventh or eighth game playing receiver. His learning curve is exponentially going now. He's feeling the position finally. Brett's got a lot of confidence in him. He's looking for him. And then the other great thing about him is if you get the ball in his hands, you hold your breath, because that thing could go to the house and that's what you want in your slot receiver. The other thing is Thomas Duarte came out there, as another true freshman and made some big plays for us and he's starting to feel comfortable. We've got some good young guys and it's nice to see them feel comfortable. Brett's gaining some confidence in those guys.

On Fuller's confidence:
Confidence isn't a problem for Devin Fuller. Devin Fuller can do anything you want him to do. If you don't believe me, ask him. It's just a matter of having enough reps, and being in enough games and seeing the looks he's getting. How he attacks this leverage and that coverage. Very smart guy, I love the kid.

On if Fuller coming in as a quarterback has helped him a lot:
I think so. He's such a confident guy. But he's really, you ask him to do it, he'll, 'you want me to throw it, I'll throw it, you want me to run it, I'll run it, you want me to catch it, I'll catch it. You want me to go play quarterback, coach, I'll go play quarterback.' He's one of those guys.

On if Fuller's unflappable:
He's got tremendous confidence in his ability. And he knows those are flukes. It happens every now and then. I'm not worried about it.

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