VIDEO: Graham Talks Defense

The UCLA defensive end, Keenan Graham, talks about the performance of the defense against Cal...

On his role increasing when Cassius Marsh was ejected and with Ellis McCarthy out:
I was ready. Once my number was called, I prepared and worked all week like I was the starter and I went out there and made a play.

On the front seven improving:
We have a really good front seven. You come ready to play every week. We have a lot of guys that can play, so we can rotate, stay fresh. Each game that goes on, we're trying to establish ourselves as one of the best defenses in the nation and I felt like we really did a good job of taking that step tonight.

On Jared Goff:
He looked pretty good. I know he liked to sling the rock. But like all quarterbacks, you put some pressure on them, they tend to make mistakes and I feel like we were able to get some pressure on him and it affected him, definitely.

On Cal's offensive line mixing up the protection:
That was a lot more difficult than I thought trying to play against that protection. They're dropping straight back and it's a little hard to work edges. They worked pretty good by doing that. It was pretty hard to get sacks. Most of the sacks by us were effort sacks and we worked hard for them.

On if they frustrated Goff:
Definitely more in the second half. We got in his face a little more, got him out of the pocket. He doesn't like to get out of the pocket that much, he's more of a pocket passer. And if you let him stay in the pocket, he can really hurt you. I think the fact that we made him scramble a lot played into our hand.

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