VIDEO: Spanos on Defense

Defensive coordinator Lou Spanos talks about shutting another team out in the third quarter and how UCLA did stopping Cal's passing game...

Lou Spanos on defense:

On the defense against Cal:
The defense as a whole had a great week of practice. Once kickoff started, everyone was on the same page communicating with an up-tempo team. The front did a nice job stopping the run, putting pressure on the quarterback and the linebackers and DBs did a great job of doing their assignments and covering. They tried to go vertical a couple of times and we did a nice job at the point.

On compensating for the loss of Cassius Marsh:
It's next person up. That's our standard. Doesn't matter if you're the first team, second team, third team. You have to know your assignment and when your name is called, you have to step and play.

On preparing for Stanford:
I'm going to look at Stanford tomorrow. We'll worry about Stanford tomorrow. I'm going to enjoy, or talk about Cal tonight.

On if Cal did anything differently:
They had a couple of new wrinkles in the game. They did a nice job with substituions. They did different looks, moved bodies around, they were trying to do matchups. And then our guys responded.

On his takeaways from the game:
You always need to improve on stopping the run. A couple times, there were a couple long runs, I think a 12-yard run and a 10-yard run. And also just be tighter on coverage. And we've got to do a better job at the point of attack and make tackles, there were a couple of missed tackles. The guys did a good job, they were taking to coaching, they were adjusting on the sideline and then transferred it to the field. We're making progress.

On 3rd quarter shutouts:
The players are doing a great job of playing football. They're 'do my assignment, do my job and get off the field.' It sounds so simple, but yet, its enough to make sure everyone is on point.

On Anthony Barr's performance:
Anthony had another great game. He did a nice job rushing the passer. He is so consistent and so dominant and he plays relentless. They were trying to run to his side and he held the point there. He did a little coverage too and he's just a dynamic player and each week he just gets better and better and we're fortunate. Shoot, he's special.

On the confidence of the front seven:
It's always evolving. You try to put your best players out there. We have some young freshman out there. It's not too big for them. They're not blinking. It's obviously a nice blend. Honestly, it's the best, because we haven't seen the future yet, you know what I'm saying?

On capitalizing on takeaways:
We left a couple on the field. A couple stripped balls that they recovered but we emphasized in practice, and get more balls to our offense.

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