VIDEO: Fuller on Impact

Devin Fuller talks about the receivers' ability to get open against Cal's defense and how the offense needs to improve overall...

Devin Fuller talks about how the offense performed:

On the touchdown catch:
I caught it, I made a move, and got some downfield blocks that freed me to the end zone.

On the receivers being left open:
I know they were stacking the box a little bit to stuff the run which they did a good job of. So that left Brett with a lot of options on the outside. I know Jordan Payton had a good catch down the field and I know Shaq had a big catch down field. Our passing game was on point today. I think we have to get the running game going a little more. I know they were stacking the box still. We've just got to work on those things this week.

On the drag route he consistently runs:
I think when teams start to blitz us, that becomes Brett's hot route. So when he sees me across the field, that's his escape to get the ball out. With my speed, hopefully I outrun the linebacker. That's what I try to do with the ball in my hands.

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