VIDEO: Thigpen on Return

Damien Thigpen talks about how it felt to get his first real action of the year and what he said to Hundley after the missed wheel route...

Damien Thigpen after Cal:

On returning back to action:
It was good. I was initially a little nervous. But I got in there, I got one play, then I looked to the sideline and coach had me in. So I just did a couple more plays and I was like 'I'm in it. I'm in it now.' I was just out there and it felt really good and I felt back in the mix.

On the underthrown swing pass:
Oh man, it could have been. I told Brett he owes me. I said next time, when we're at the goal line, go ahead and hand that off.

On taking the first hit:
I felt good. I've been hit plenty of times in practice so I was prepared. It was more nerves, just because I was back out there in front of the lights. I didn't disappoint.

On not getting many touches against Utah:
You know what, I was preparing myself mentally to play. Things don't always go as planned and you know, everything happens for a reason so I wasn't too upset. I just used it as fuel for this game.

On if he expects more touches as the season goes on:
I'm sure the coaches have a plan, and we're communicating. I'm sure I'll get a little more for the next game and if everything happens right, hopefully I'll make some plays.

On getting some runs from scrimmage:
Oh yeah, I'm ready to go. I was hoping I could get a couple this game, but all we did was swing passes. But that's ok, because as long as I'm touching it, I can't complain.

On the offense making people miss:
In this offense really, for those people who can make people miss in space, it's perfect. I feel like the people we have are in that exact mode. So a lot of the guys, Shaq, JJ's out, Paul Perkins, Jordan. These guys when they catch the ball, can make moves and break tackles. I just think it helps the whole offense, moves fluidly, go with the tempo. And now we're moving it.

On if they missed Jordon James:
I feel like it just happened that Cal really tried to stop our run game. And then I think we got away from the run a little bit, because Brett was feeling it and we aired it out. But I felt like, if the plays continue to call for run, we'll get back at it. I don't feel like anyone can stop our run game. So I feel like if we get away from it, that's fine, but I don't think they can stop us. If anything, we stop ourselves, with penalties and making mistakes. I feel like definitely having JJ out there would have helped the running back core, but I know he's working to get back soon.

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