VIDEO: Vanderdoes on First Start

Eddie Vanderdoes talks about the emotions of his first collegiate start and how he felt the defensive front played against Cal...

Eddie Vanderdoes on Cal:

On his first start:
It was my first college start so I was definitely going to take advantage of that. I was real happy to get in there and contibute to my team right away.

On the defense's performance:
I felt like we played great as a whole in my opinion. Their quarterback, Jared Goff, is a very dynamic quarterback, he's thrown for 500 yards a game, averaging 470 something like that and we held him to 170 and I think our DBs helped us a lot and I felt our D-Line got a lot of pressure and made him scramble. Our defense is starting to come together and click each week. It's fun to watch and be a part of.

On his emotions on his first start:
It was same old, same old. Last week against Utah, I came in after the first play so it was like starting then. I've gotten a lot of time since the Nevada game, so it's not like I went from 10 plays to starting and getting 50 plays. It wasn't like a huge jump or anything. It was cool because it was my first start.

On if Cassius Marsh's ejection changed the DL's mindset:
It definitely hurts not having Cassius, because he's a great player. He really contributes to our defense a lot, he's a great motivator and he helps me a lot. It definitely hurt us but we have the depth and the players to replace him and not have that be an issue.

On what he did:
Just talking. A little tussle and that's it. Their player threw the first punch and Cassius reacted. They're the ones, but they saw Cassius throw it.

On Cal changing up the protection:
It limits your pass rush, because instead of them taking two steps and shooting, you can't really work moves and go right to the quarterback. You can basically bullrush, but the ball is released.

On playing against pocket passer:
Every week we've been going against a dual-threat quarterback who could throw and definitely run but this week we faced a quarterback who was more of a throwing guy than a running guy so that was different.

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