UCLA in Pac-12, National Statistics

Check out how the No. 9 Bruins stack up statistically with the rest of the Pac-12 and the nation...

Team Statistical Rankings (Through 10/13):

CategoryPac-12 RankNational RankValue
Total Offense2nd5th547
Rushing Offense4th21st223.4
Passing Offense5th17th323.6
Team Passing Efficiency2nd10th165.62
Scoring Offense2nd7th45.8
Total Defense4th27th347.8
Rushing Defense4th40th141
Passing Yards Allowed4th35th206.8
Team Passing Efficiency Defense3rd16th106.92
Scoring Defense2nd19th18.2
Turnover Margin5th24th0.8
3rd Down Conversion Percentage2nd5th0.56
4th Down Conversion Percentage1stt-8th0.75
3rd Down Conversion Percentage Defense1st2nd0.24
4th Down Conversion Percentage Defense10tht-88th0.615
Red Zone Offense6tht-41st0.867
Red Zone Defense5th40th0.769
Net Punting5th44th38.07
Punt Returns2nd27th12.64
Kickoff Returns6th64th21.4
First Downs Offense7tht-27th146
First Downs Defenset-4th41st110
Fewest Penalties Per Game12th123rd10.4
Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game11th122nd84.2
Time of Possession4th55th29

Individual Statistical Rankings (Through 10/13):

Individual CategoryNamePac-12 RankNational RankValue
Total OffenseBrett Hundley4th9th345.8
Completion PercentageBrett Hundley 2nd16th0.681
Forced FumblesAnthony Barr2nd3rd0.6
Forced FumblesRandall Gofortht-4tht-14th0.4
Forced FumblesJordan Zumwaltt-4tht-14th0.4
Fumbles RecoveredAnthony Barr1stt-12th0.4
InterceptionsIshmael Adams9tht-47th0.4
Kickoff ReturnsSteven Manfro2nd25th25.8
SacksKeenan Graham1stt-8th1
SacksAnthony Barr3rdt-26th0.8
Passes DefendedMyles Jack2ndt-22nd1.4
Passing EfficiencyBrett Hundley3rd13th165
Passing Yards Per GameBrett Hundley5th17th293.8
Punt ReturnsShaquelle Evans2nd11th14.4
Rushing Yards Per GameJordon James5th34th92.6
ScoringKa'imi Fairbairn3rd6th10.8
Tackles for LossAnthony Barr1stt-4th2
Total TacklesEric Kendricks2ndt-34th9.4

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