VIDEO: Hundley Talks Stanford

Brett Hundley talks about what he saw on the Cal tape, what the expectations are for the team this year, and how he feels he'll need to play heading into Stanford...

Brett Hundley on Monday:

On takeaways from Cal:
Everything looked good after watching the film. I was happy with the production that came along with the game.. There were obviously some throws I would have liked. But at the end of the day, nothing can be perfect. We're going to get better in practice, learn from it and come out on Saturday, ready to go.

On if he feels he has to be perfect the next two weeks:
To be honest, I just have to do my best. That's really what it's going to take and to lead this team and to make sure this whole offense is running correctly and efficiently. I think that is going to be big for us, whatever we're doing, checks, reads, everything, as far as I'm on top of our game so everyone else can do their job.

On if he felt a heightened sense for Stanford:
It's a lot of anticipation. It's a big game, Stanford is a great team, more than a great team. Two big matchups. Two primetime games that will be really fun to watch. For us, we have to take it like another week, come in, be prepared. Study what we're being taught with the gameplan, really get it down and execute it on Saturday.

On if playing Stanford twice last year helps:
It helps. The only thing is, that was last year. We're going to watch our film and learn from it and that will be a big help as far putting everything in a package. But that was last year, this is a new year, we're looking for bigger and better things. It's another big matchup for us

On what Utah's win over Stanford means:
To be honest, it is what it is. We knew that Utah was a great team, especially at home. Anyone can really be beat, as long as you come to play and do what you need to do. I watched that film, disected it and studied it. We have our own game plan and Utah did a great job.

On Stanford's defense:
They have a really good front seven, big, fast and physical. A very smart and knows what they're doing. As long as we do what we do, it doesn't matter.

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