VIDEO: Barr on Stanford

Anthony Barr talks about the physicality of Stanford's offensive line and the importance of the game against the Cardinal...

Anthony Barr on Stanford:

On shutting down Cal:
I felt we did everything. We stopped the run. We got to the quarterback early.

On going against a pocket quarterback:
We had to change it up a little bit, and play more a tight front. They threw the ball more than they have in the pass. We had to prepare for both.

On getting in the quarterbacks face:
I think making him feel us early, make him a little nervous back there, I think that may have influenced him.

On going against power football offenses:
It's what we came here to do, playing games like this against power football teams.

On what he thinks power football is:
Running the ball is power football. And not just zone reads. Power running. Off tackle, A-gap power, stuff like that.

On if it's a Neanderthal way of playing football:
I guess. It's going to come down to execution, technique and not just brute strength.

On going against Stanford's offense after losing tight ends:
They still have pretty big tight ends. We'll get into that film.

On losing to Stanford twice last year providing motivation:
I don't think at this point we need any extra motivation. Being undefeated, that's all the motivation we need and I think we'll continue to be motivated.

On the linebackers comfort level:
I just think we have a better feel for one another. I think the chemistry is better. Kind of knowing what guy does what best.

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