VIDEO: Duarte Talks Big Game

Y receiver Thomas Duarte talks about making a big impact this past weekend and what kind of mismatch he could present for Stanford's defense...

Thomas Duarte talks about his big game against Cal:

On his breakout performance against Cal:
It felt amazing. Just to know you're contributing to this great team and helping them in making that step forward, it feels good. It reassures me that this was the right place. The bigger Pac-12 games are coming up and that's when I need to step up my game and that's what I'm going to do.

On what he felt he did differently against Cal to be utilized:
I think I've just gotten a feel for it. They eased me in, in the first four games, and I got a feel for it, and now I can go out there and do my thing.

On going against Stanford's linebackers:

You've just got to go in like any other game, you can't be scared, you can't be timid, you have to go in prepared like you prepare every other week. They're a good football team, but we have the weapons to beat them and come out with a win.

On if he thinks he's a mismatch:
Definitely. The Y position, we create those mismatches to where the linebackers can't run with us but where the safeties can't come down and bang heads with us.

On penalties being addressed:
We went back and looked at the film and we fixed it. Just a little mental error that we have to eliminate from our game. Coach Mora brought in the refs on Tuesday and Wednesday and I think that's going to help us get rid of unforced errors.

On if it's attributed to youth:
There is no excuse. I'm accountable just as much as everyone else is on this team and I take that upon myself to fix that this week and try to make it not happen again.

On less penalties in the second half against Cal:
We were very focused in the second half. We came in the locker room and coach gave us the pointers and told us what we needed to fix and we fixed it.

On if the older guys talk about Stanford:
No. This is a new year and we're looking forward to it. Stanford is on the board this week, and we'll watch their film from this year, and we'll move on. We're definitely going to prepare hard, we're going to be focused and be dialed in.

On if he watched the Stanford games last year:
I did. I watched and they were heartbreakers. UCLA was there both times. But I believe this week we're going to be dialed in. We'll be focused and ready for them. It's at Stanford so it will be even better.

On if he expects Stanford to be angry:
Hearing we beat Utah and they lost, and they dropped to 13, that's a big blow to them. But I know they'll be dialed in and be excited and be ready for it.

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