VIDEO: Goforth Talks Secondary

Randall Goforth talks about how the defensive backs have played so far this year and whether last year's games are any motivation for the game this weekend...

Randall Goforth talks about the Stanford game:

On heading to Stanford:
Studying a lot of film. They're a great team on offense and defense and special teams. This week we're focusing on pretty much every phase of the game.

On the secondary against Cal:
I feel like we did good. There were a lot of plays we left out there. We're moving on to Stanford and getting ready for this week.

On how he rates the secondary against Cal:
I don't really rate it. I just feel like we have to go out there every day to prove to our teammates that we're worthy to be out there on this defense. And we're doing it so far.

On the team being ready to play Stanford right after the Cal game ended:
We prepare the same for every team we play. Stanford is a great team and we know we have to go to work to be ready, study our film and practice really hard.

On the difference between Stanford and Cal:
Cal is a big-time passing team. Stanford is great in all phases. They'll hit you with a run, then pop you with a pass. We know what we have to do, now we just have to go execute.

On if the Stanford loss in the Pac-12 Championship eats at them:
Last year was last year. We never want to take a loss. But this year, we're on a roll and we're doing good and we've just got to prepare for them good this week.

On if it's the toughest loss he ever experienced:
All losses hurt to me, honestly. Any loss to any team hurts. This is a new year, new team, we have to just go out there and prepare the same like we do for every team.

On Kevin Hogan:
He's a great quarterback. He has abilities just like Andrew Luck did. They're grooming him well and he doesn't make many mistakes. He can run, he can pass, he can do anything. We just have to study him a lot this week. Get a lot of extra film in and be ready for it.

On if this will be the biggest test for the secondary:
Every week is a test for the secondary, it's just another challenge that we're willing to take and we have to be ready for it and just go out and attack it.

On starting six freshman:
They're not freshman anymore to us. That ended a long time ago. There are no excuses for mistakes, or no 'oh, I'm a freshman.' There is no room for that. If we want to be national champions, we have to minimize our mistakes.

On if this is the closest they've felt to being national championship contenders:
Oh yeah. We just have to stay consistent. A lot of us are pushing for it. We have a lot of pride and great confidence in our locker room. We feel like we can do it.

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