VIDEO: Kendricks Talks Cardinal

Eric Kendricks talks about Stanford's physicality and how much motivation UCLA draws from the Stanford games last year...

Eric Kendricks talks Stanford:

On facing a power team:
Facing a lot of speed, and a lot of perimeter stuff, but we get to play hard-nosed football this week, it should be a challenge to us but we'll rise to it.

On if that challenge plays into their strength:
Absolutely, I think we've adjusted on going side to side and I think we have a strong front seven in the box and we'll really utilize it this week.

On the importance of making tackles against Stanford:
We have to practice it and come together and adjust on the fly and hit them in the nose when it counts, I think that is important.

On if the defense is dangerous against pocket quarterbacks:
We have some big threats on the edge and when we can utilize them, it's awesome, because we have people rushing up the middle like Keenan Graham getting sacks.

On if they can take anything from the Pac-12 title game:
A ton. As far as our effort in practice, it will be a lot higher because the stakes are a lot higher but also because we lost to them last year. We want that revenge a little bit. We'll rise to it.

On if the defense is hitting it's stride:
Absolutely, we're starting to get into a rhythm and starting to get comfortable with each other, talking with DBs and linebackers and up front and we're all starting to get comfortable with each other's play.

On the comfort with the secondary:
They're playing outstanding right now. I hear them in the back and I feel them in the run game. Their presence has been outstanding thus far and hopefully they can keep it going.

On the comfort in the defense:
Last game there was a run fit, I fit the run on my side and to see if someone was going to come in and they fit it perfectly. It was a cool feeling knowing everyone has your back and everyone is doing their job.

On if they can put themselves in the national championship conversation:
That's our goal, since the beginning of the year obviously. I feel like as we've been rolling on, we're 5-0, the stakes are automatically going to be higher and we have to rise to that and play hard.

On if this is as close as they've felt to a national championship:
I wouldn't say that, we take it one game at a time, we're right where we want to be and that's all we can control right now.

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