VIDEO: Goines on Offensive Line

Simon Goines discusses the move to left tackle this past weekend and how quickly the line will need to gel this week before Stanford...

Simon Goines talks about the line adjusting for Stanford:

On being back at left tackle:
It felt pretty good. It felt nice out there on Saturday night.

On his knee:
It's doing pretty good. I just keep getting treatment on it. A little nagging but I have to play through it.

On the biggest difference between right and left tackle:
Different steps. The muscles in your legs, you have to get your muscle memory back. When you switch it, it messes up.

On the transition being difficult:
The transition can be hard if you make it hard on yourself. Which is not doing the extra work or putting in the time. If you do that it will be a smooth transition.

On what he remembers about Stanford from last year:
They're physical. They give 100% effort every play. They're really good with their hands.

On the work he's done to make a smooth transition:
Just working on my steps with Coach Klemm after practice. Getting over there on the bag and working on hand placement and my first step. It's really your first step, if that's messed up then the whole run block is messed up.

On the performance of the OL against Cal:
I feel like we performed pretty well, but there is still a lot to work on. I think for being together for the first time we did pretty well.

On if they need to gel pretty quickly:
I think we need to gel pretty quickly. Me, Jake and X have pretty good chemistry together since we've played together for basically two years now. We kind of have a feel for Alex and all getting into the mix. We gel pretty good.

On the main mistakes they picked up from Cal:
Really just a lot of technique. A lot of times it was missing. And make no more mental errors.

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