Plattenburg Could Visit UCLA

Houston (Tex.) Lamar defensive back John Plattenburg talks about his recent visit to Wisconsin and says he might take one of his final officials to UCLA...

John Plattenburg has already taken one of his official visits to Oregon and was in Madison this past weekend to check out Wisconsin.

"I was pretty tired when I got there but I had a great time," Plattenburg said. "I had no sleep the night before and had to get up early to catch a flight to Chicago and then on to Wisconsin. Once we landed, we headed straight to Camp Randall for the game.

"I can honestly say the game atmosphere there was probably the best I've ever been in. Those fans are crazy and it's not just the student section, it's the whole crowd. They sell out every game and have some great traditions that they do there, it really made it a great experience for me.

"The team played great as well. I was really impressed with the defense and how they get after it. I watched the game as a fan but also watched the defensive backs to see how I would fit in and get a good idea for what kind of schemes they run so it was a really good time."

Plattenburg said meeting with the coaches as well as the city of Madison itself were the big highlights of the visit.

"I talked to all the coaches but spent the most time with Coach Strickland, the DB coach," Plattenburg said. "We actually went over the game film from Saturday and he showed me what they do defensively and how I would fit in. I think I would fit in real good there and could add some more speed to the secondary.

"I talked a lot with Coach Anderson as well and he's a real good guy. He's laid back but give it to you straight. He said he sees himself as a father figure to all the players and the guys on the team I talked with all like him a lot. The whole staff was great and the players were real good to me as well. I also liked the academics and the opportunities outside of football.

"Madison was real nice too, much better than I expected. All the recruits hung out together in a big group and we had a great time. The weather was cold but I liked it. As long as it's not snowing, I'm fine with cold weather. It kind of reminded me a little of Eugene, Oregon, it's a cool college town but probably more live, there's more going on in Madison. I would say the visit definitely exceeded my expectations and I'm going to give Wisconsin a very serious look for sure."

Plattenburg doesn't have any more visits set up but said he would like to take at least one more during the season.

"I'm supposed to talk with LSU today or tomorrow and they're picking up their interest," Plattenburg said. "I grew up a big fan of LSU and if they offer, I'll definitely visit there. My last two will be after the season and I'm looking at UCLA and Washington for those two.

"I've already visited both unofficially but I like them both a lot. I need to give Coach Mora at UCLA a call and see where I fit in, I know they have some DBs already committed so I want to make sure I'm still on their board. Washington has been on me hard for a long time and I have a good relationship with coach Heyward, the DB coach. I've got four months to Signing Day and it's going to be a really hard decision for me but I have some great options and I'm very thankful for all of them."

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