VIDEO: Jack on Stanford

Freshman linebacker Myles Jack said he's talked with his veteran teammates about Stanford's physical offense and is looking forward to the challenge...

Myles Jack talked to us during Stanford week.

On what he's seen from Stanford:
I watched Stanford yesterday and this morning. They're a pretty physical team. Their line is unbelievable, their backs hit the whole. I'm expecting a physical game this week.

On the difference in scheme from what they've faced before:
That's the thing with the Pac-12, you have to prepare for different offenses. Every week, this is one of the offenses and you have to prepare for that. It's a new look I have to get ready for.

On the physical matchup is one he looks forward to as a defender:
For sure. Stanford is known and proven that they can go out and overpower people. I'm kind of looking forward to a different kind of game and showing I can hold my own against a dominant team like Stanford.

On the freshman needing to mature quickly against an experienced Stanford team:
This is a big game so every mistake multiplies by ten. We're working twice as hard, studying twice as longer, making sure we don't make those freshman mistakes. Because that will cost the team the game. It could happen at a crucial point in the game at the beginning or the end and it can kill a drive. We're just making sure we don't make those mistakes.

On talking with the older linebackers against playing Stanford's heavy load:
They were just saying, get ready, it's going to be a physical game and will be different from the week's before. They were just telling me, be physical and be ready. Buckle your chinstrap a little tighter this week because they're coming down hill.

On if they've talked about the losses to Stanford:
They did. They came out and established the run. With both games, the Pac-12 championship, we got up on them and they came back. They really just emphasize just doing your job because this is one of those games where if you try to do too much, Stanford will pop it open, hit the hole and it's a touchdown.

On what he remembers from watching the two games:
I watched the first one, the (title) game, I had a game (the state championship). I just remember it was physical. The defense, Stanford's line was really physical and they were pushing. I just remember it being a real physical game of who wanted it more. Stanford won the first game, I think 35-17, but the Pac-12 championship game, that one could have gone either way. But again, it was a physical game from the highlights. That's really what I took from it.

On Kevin Hogan:
He's an accurate quarterback, which is great. He can run too which surprised me, I never looked at him as a runner, he can get out of the pocket and scramble and he's quick so you have to watch the read option. He's a threat for sure, I'm going to be watching.

On if they're more confident seeing Utah beat them:
That's a different game. Not really. Their personnel is a lot different than ours so we just have to come in and play our game.

On if he's excited about playing on the big stage:
For sure. This is what I signed up for UCLA football for. I'm excited to have the opportunity to play Stanford. They're a great team. I'm definitely looking forward to this matchup. I'm excited.

On if he's seen anything different from their running backs:
Their running backs always fall forward. Always getting three yards. They hit the hole, they don't try to make anything up. They get their three yards. That's pretty much what they're going for. They have burst and they're quick. Their running back, both of them are solid.

On what he's seen from Ty Montgomery:
He's a threat. You kick it to him, he could take it back. You throw it to him, he's going to make a big play. Definitely, I'm going to have to drop out to him at some point and he's definitely a threat. He's a great player. There is not much I can really say about him. He's dynamic in his own words.

On if the new additions are helping with Stanford's physicality:
We this year, I feel like we're ready. I've never played against them before, so my opinion can only go so far, but I'm just going to work as hard as I possibly can this week and be ready for Saturday as much as possible.

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