VIDEO: Spanos on Stanford

Defensive coordinator Lou Spanos talks about the challenges of facing Kevin Hogan and the big Stanford offensive line sets...

Lou Spanos talks about the Stanford offense:

On Stanford's big sets with eight offensive lineman:
Stanford does a tremendous job of the lines and the tight ends with the extra offensive linemen they use and they do a good job of pushing the line of scrimmage forward. It will be a nice challenge this week.

On the change in offense with the departure of the big tight ends:
They have a multiple personnel, they go with about six different multiple personnel packages, so they do a nice job with mismatches. You have to substitute your personnel to match theirs so they do a nice job of that and give a steady dosage of them.

On if this is the most capable the defense has been:
It is a great challenge. The offensive line and the fullback do a great job with the lead blocks. He does a great job with the running backs. Its a great challenge this week.

On if the Utah-Stanford game helped or hurt in preparation:
Well we watched the Stanford offense and Stanford has success in moving the ball in different spots in the game. At the end of the game, they moved the ball all the way down to the end. You can see they don't panic and do a great job of stay in the game.

On how Kevin Hogan's developed:
He's getting better. He gets better each game. He's a great manager of the game. He does a great job in the run game, and the quarterback keeps, he keeps the ball alive and does a good job in the vertical game. He's getting better. He's a good player.

On how important it is to contain Hogan:
You have to because the key with him is, once he scrambles out of the pocket, he'll get the first down and keep the drive alive. Also, he has enough speed where he can break a long one. Like any quarterback, you have to keep him contained, and that's a great challenge because he can keep plays alive.

On the biggest thing he's seen on film from Stanford that he hasn't seen this season:
They're very physical and they play well as a unit together and they do a great job of checking the plays and do what they do for so long.

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