VIDEO: Mazzone on Stanford D

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the challenges of facing off against a tough Stanford defense...

Noel Mazzone on Stanford defense:

On the Stanford defense:
They beat us twice last year. I think the front seven is big physical guys, they play hard, they know the defense really well. I know their staff does a really good job game-planning people, taking away your strengths and making you play to your weaknesses. Every week for us, it's a good challenge for us.

On seeing the success Washington and Utah had against them:
Success to me is winning the football game. Washington, Oregon, those guys have really good offenses. They created some plays. But I think consistency is the key. Stanford's defense makes you be consistent. So things like self-inflicted wounds that get you off schedule just kill you against a team like this because they make you drive the football, they don't really give up the big play.

On emphasizing with the line staying disciplined with procedures:
I think we got a little bit better last week, we only got it once, and that was Brett's fault, not Caleb's. Procedure penalties, well, my two guys on the right, my two freshman, they don't even know how to spell procedure. That's always a work in progress with those guys. I was proud of how both Caleb and Alex played. There are a lot of things, you can coach and work on technique and those things, but the best coach in the world is experience. Hopefully every week, the more experienced those two gets, we can clean up the things we're having issues with.

On working on passing more against Cal with the box being stacked:
I was kind of happy, you know. I tell you what the fault was for us, and a lot of that falls on me, with kind of the situations I gave the guys on third-and-short, the issue was our third down percentage in the first half was horrendous. We're a top five, top ten third down team. We were like 2-for-8. I don't care what you're running, if you're 2-for-8 on third down, it's hard to look good on offense. And then I think the second half we did a better job, I think we were 5-for-7 or something like that. That's the key to these guys, football situations, red zone and third down, I don't care how much, in the words of Steve Spurrier, anyone can move the ball between the 20s. You've got to put the ball in the end zone. We have to have success on third down and we have to have success in the red zone.

On his play-calling being out of rhythm on third down:
We have to make the third downs. It gets me in rhythm. It's play calling. I have to make better calls on third down. A miss here, a miss there. On offense, if 10 guys do it right and one guy does it wrong, it looks bad. And that's been one of our strengths this year, we've been a really good third down team. We just didn't do a good job last Saturday. So that is something we have to clean up.

On if there is anything Paul Perkins can improve on:
Paul does a good job and I don't think any of it falls on the running game. I think Brett, we can be a little better on down and distance awareness by him. Like we only need two, we don't need to go score a touchdown sometimes.

On Thomas Duarte's role:
I think it's going as planned and how I envisioned it. He went from 20 snaps a game two weeks ago to 47 snaps this last week. I think he's feeling a little more comfortable, we put some packages in for him. And I think that package can grow each week. I'm excited about TD.


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