VIDEO: Marsh on Ejection

Cassius Marsh talks about the loss of credibility since the ejection against Stanford and what he needs to do to control his emotions during games...

Cassius Marsh on being ejected:

On the ejection against Cal:
It was my fault and my mistake for reacting. There is no excuse for my reaction. I let down my teammate and I affected my team and I hurt my team. I felt horrible about it. It's a hard thing for me. I'm sure you guys know, it's something that I've been working on my whole career. And I will continue to do so. It's hard because I know at this time, I have little to no credibility in saying that I'll continue to work on it. That's all I can continue to do is work on it. To control myself and find ways and stay within my game. But like I said before, there is no excuse, and I made the mistake of reacting and that's my fault, 100%.

On how much progress he thinks he's made in that since the Arizona game ejection two years ago:
I've made progress. But like I said, all I can continue to do is get better at it.

On what actually happened to lead to the ejection:
It doesn't really matter what they were doing, it was on me for reacting. The second guy always gets caught. I was the one who got caught and I affected my team and that's all that matters. It was my fault and no one elses.

On the message from the coaches:
My team and my coaches were very supportive. They just came and patted me on the back and said it would be alright. Inside I knew that I affected my team and it was definitely a hard situation for me. I'm extremely competitive. And I have always wanted to be out there to help my team and be there to help them get a victory so it was tough for me.

On if there is any further punishment:
I'll be playing.

On how much more capable the team is in being in a national title race:
I think that our team is going to get ready for this team like we would any other and I think we're extremely focused on the day at hand and focused on tomorrow's practice. Right now we're actually focused on going in and correcting oru film and getting better every day and working towards our goals.

On if the aura has changed for the team:
Absolutely, we're playing well. We have a lot of talent. We're growing as a team. We're competing and getting better every day. That's all you can do in football and life. I love being around my team, we are all getting better.

On some of Stanford's jumbo set for the defensive line:
It doesn't change anything, it's just the way you have to be great with your technique like any other week. Stanford is extremely talented on the offensive line like they have been the last couple of years. It's no secret. They have good players over there and we have to get ready.

On if they see the Stanford game is a measuring stick:
I think we play physical teams and I don't think we're out there to prove anything to anyone, we're out there to win a game. That's what we're going to do, we're preparing to win a game.

On if the win at Nebraska helps with the mindset going into Nebraska:
I think winning any week, on the road, definitely, that can definitely help. I think we're so close as a team, that we can really play anywhere as long as we have each other and are very comfortable under any circumstances.

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