VIDEO: Zumwalt Has Stanford Motivation

Senior linebacker Jordan Zumwalt talks about having never beaten Stanford, and looking forward to rectifying that Saturday...

Jordan Zumwalt, the senior linebacker, spoke about extra motivation in beating Stanford.

On how eager he is to play at Stanford:
I'm very eager. I'm very excited about this game. I've lost to them, what, three times since I've been here and this is my last shot, so I'm very eager to get up there and get a win.

On if the team as a whole is eager:
I think we're continuously preparing. You can always be more prepared. I think we got in a good day of work and we're just going to continue preparing as the day goes on.

On if he has extra motivation to beat Stanford since he was committed there:
I know right, isn't that funny, I decommitted two nights before Signing Day and came over here and haven't beaten them yet. So yes, I'm very, very eager to win this game.

On the next two weeks putting them in a position to be relevant for the national title:
Since I've been here, absolutely. We're 5-0, if we win this, we're 6-0 and Stanford is a nationally regarded and nationally respected team. Going out and winning this game would get us national respect so yes this is the closest we've been to being nationally respected.

On the difference in Stanford's offense compared to the tempo offenses they've faced:
Honestly, I'm excited for it. Tempo teams, you get no time to think or breathe, you're constantly moving, constantly running, constantly chasing the ball. This time you get a chance to take a breath, gather yourself and get prepared for the next play. This is a physical game and that's what football is all about and our defense is very excited for a physical game.

On if they're better equipped to handle the physicality compared to years past:
I don't know. I think we're pretty good on defense. We're just going to go out and play hard.

On if what Utah did in beating Stanford helps them:
I'm actually bummed Utah beat them. I wanted that to be us. It doesn't do anything. That's just another tape for us to watch. We know that they can be beat, we knew that before Utah beat them, so we're just going to go out and do our part.

On the freshman playing:
On our defense, our freshman haven't really made many mistakes. You guys just interviewed Myles Jack and that kid is a stud. I think he's really the only freshman that gets a bunch of reps. And Eddie also and Kenny. Those guys don't make a bunch of mistakes. Taking advantage of them is going to be difficult.

On the difficulty of playing at Stanford:
Shoot man, we've been to Nebraska with 100,000 people straight up above you. We've been to the loudest of stadiums. We've been to Washington, we've been to Oregon. My freshman year, Oregon was the loudest stadium I've ever been a part of in my life. Being able to play there is just another stadium.

On if revenge can hurt them:
You play like a pro and take it one game at a time. Everybody is looking at this game like it's huge, which it is, so I can understand, and you have that in the back of your mind. You try to approach it like it's just another game. You probably watch a little extra film but you should do that every week. So you just take it as if it's just another game.

On being so close to the national title picture:
Talking about a national championship, after my freshman year, we won, what, maybe five games? That would have been outlandish. Being able to talk about that now, we're really excited about it.

On coming off the edge more against Cal:
I liked it. I just like being on the field man, that was an opportunity for me to get on the field. We have all of our guys on the field and I was just excited to be on the field and coming off the edge. Ihad a lot of fun coming off the edge. Just being on the field was more exciting to me than anything.

On being undefeated with another big opportunity:
I'm excited. We're all excited. Who wouldn't be? You play to win. So coming out and being undefeated, everyone loves it and we want to stay undefeated. We don't want to tarnish our record. We're just having a really good time and we want to continue winning.

On if being undefeated is a distraction:
You don't look into the future. That's not what you're supposed to do. Especially our coaches, they really pressure that. If anyone starts talking about next week, they shut it down immediately. It's one game at a time. You can't win them all at once. You have to win them one at a time and continue to focus on this one opponent instead of elsewhere.

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