VIDEO: Evans Still Feels It

Senior receiver Shaquelle Evans says he still feels the sting of losing to Stanford in the Pac-12 Championship Game last year...

Shaquelle Evans talks about facing Stanford.

On the atmosphere in practice:
There's been a sense of urgency, remembering what happened last year with them in the Pac-12 title game and them breaking our hearts. This is the measuring stick game for us too. The intensity is ramped up. Even though we're a top ten team in the nation, I don't think people respect us so this is a game we could earn respect.

On if he felt he left a touchdown on the field with his acrobatic catch against Cal:
Oh yeah, definitely. They blitzed and the middle opened up and I read it correctly but I got a little too antsy and looked up field before I caught the ball. I ended up making a SportsCenter top ten play, but I would have rather had the touchdown.

On the emergence of the receivers corps as a whole:
It's what I predicted. I knew 4-5 games into the season that this receivers corps would emerge as one fo the best in the conference and eventually be one of the best in the nation.

On Thomas Duarte's emergence:
He's just getting better every week. With the coaching from Coach Yarbs and the natural skills he had, he was always a smooth player, a good route runner, and good with his hands. But the coaching from Coach Yarbs, you can see him getting better every week and throughout the season.

On the biggest challenge from Stanford's defense:
They're real physical. They don't make a lot of mistakes. They'll do their job. That's what they're known for and that's what their defense is known for. They use their front seven to get a lot of pressure on the quarterback. They're a physical team that doesn't make a lot of mistakes.

On how eager he is to get redemption:
I'm very eager. That night, December or late November, was one of the worst nights in my football career. I'm ready to get these guys back. In my career, going back to Notre Dame, they've beaten me 3-4 times already, so I have to get a win. This is my last chance against them so I have to get a win against them before I leave here.

On how long it took to get over the loss:
I still haven't gotten over it. The pain has gone down a little. For like the first 3-4 months of the offseason, it stung. It stung because I knew I was this close to getting a ring and I don't want it to happen again.

On the momentum heading into an angry Stanford team:
That makes the game this much more interesting. We're a team with momentum and they're a team coming off a loss, and they're not a team that loses two in a row. So it's going to be a tough, tough game. Like I said, they don't lose two in a row very often, so that adds to the intensity, someone has to lose, so we'll go out there with all the marbles on the table and try to come out with a win.

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