VIDEO: Mora on Stanford Loss

Coach Jim Mora talked from outside the locker room Saturday at Stanford Stadium about the loss to the Cardinal, how Brett Hundley and the offense struggled, and more..

On if this hurts their national championship chances:
No, because we don't live that way. That's what outside people do. They get in the game day to day and play to play. We were just disappointed we didn't win the game today. We're a really big‑picture team. We don't worry about that. So we've got to get off of this one within the next 24 hours and get to the next one.

On if he felt they were ready for the next level:
Time will tell.

On if this was a statement game:
Oh, yeah, like every game. You know, I'm not the type that makes too much of any one game. I don't think any one game ever really defines you. Whether you've arrived or you're not very good or whatever, I think it's your body of work. So far our body of work is for the good. It's got to get better at the end of the season to see where we are. But I've said that before. I'm not into statement games one way or the other. There is a process to building something. There is a process to going through a season. Today we weren't good enough. We want to get better.

On Cassius Marsh:
You know what, there are some things that I think are for public consumption, and I think there are some things that should stay in house. And that is just something that I think should stay in house.

On if personnel losses hurt Hundley:
I think that to some extent we probably missed Darius a little bit. Darius is a guy we've become familiar with. But once again, that sounds like an excuse. They covered us up well. They didn't just cover the Y's, they covered our guys up well. They tackled well in space. It's a good football team. I want to give them credit. They deserve credit.

On Hundley running the offense:
I think Brett's capable of handling the pressure. I do. We certainly want him to be able to run the ball better. He didn't run it very well today. That's something we've got to continue to work on. You know, last week we did it very well. The reason we were able to throw is they were stacked in the box. Today I thought Stanford just did a nice job with the seven and eight‑man fronts or six‑man fronts in formation. So it's a different game than last week. It's a different issue why we didn't run the ball. Last week we didn't run the ball because they had everybody up there. So we threw it for 410 yards and they won by 27 points. Today we couldn't run it because they had just beaten us up there. So that's a different set of problems.

On some personnel choices:
Just the personnel grouping. They had us backed up. So it was just a personnel grouping. That's why. There are different players in different personnel groups, and sometimes the personnel group is dictated by the situation.

On using Malcolm Jones:
Yeah, we did. We used him some in the second half. But we needed to throw it a little bit more. We've got good running backs. Paul Perkins has done a nice job for us this year. Steven Manfro has done a nice job for us this year. Coming back and making some plays for us. So like always, we're going to try to utilize all of those guys. We've got Malcolm back in the game in the second half, and gave him the ball a little bit. Got stuffed up just like those other guys were getting stuffed up.

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