VIDEO: Hundley after Stanford

The UCLA quarterback, Brett Hundley, talks about the loss, the offense and more...

On if the pressure was getting to him:
Stanford did a really good job of bringing pressure. Not even blitzing, but just using their front four defensive line. We had a couple of injuries on the O‑line go down, so it hurt us a bit. But I can always help out the line and do better as far as my reads and just getting the ball out of my hand and helping the O‑line.

On if he just felt physically beaten:
Stanford's a great defense. I give them credit. They came out and did what they had to do. Obviously, running around back there. The body definitely felt good, so I'm able to get up and do what I have to do. But at the end of the day, we need to get in the film room and watch the film and get better from it.

On the injuries to the offensive line:
It hurt, it hurt, like I said. But I can do a lot to help that part and get the ball out of my hands as quick as possible. I can go through my reads and make those a lot faster. So in part, I'll take that upon myself. I'll talk to the O‑line and have a discussion about everything that went on. But I always take everything I can do and help them.

On what lesson's they've learned:
We really just have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. That's a big thing. If you see a lot of those drives, we'll start and then get an offsides, something like that. We'll start first and 15, second and 12. We've got to stay on track. That is the one thing with this offense that we have to do. It's a tempo‑based offense, so once you get out of sync and into the first 12s and all that plus‑ten stuff, it's hard to call plays. This offense is built to stay on track, and get your yards, three, four yards and then bust one here and there. But if we jump offsides and penalties killed us pretty much, penalties really killed us.

On the frustration of losing a statement game:
I mean, games like this, you want to win so bad. That's really all I can say. You want to win these games so bad, so bad. So, you know, we just have to get in the film room. We'll have another opportunity.

On if he felt they wanted to win too bad:
No. I think we were all focused and we had our focus coming into the game. We knew what we wanted to. Do like I said, there were small things. The penalties hurt. We just had to get it going. Defense played lights out, and offense had to get some points on the board.

On if he thought they were ready:

On if he thought too much about the lack of protection:
It's just something where I have to trust who is in the game. When it all comes down to it, I have to be the quarterback, lead the offense and do what we do best, and that is make plays. I've got to trust who is in there. No matter who is in there. Stanford played a great defense. They had a great front four and great front seven, and their secondary played well off of that. I've got to trust going through my reads, and like I said, get the ball out of my hands.

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