VIDEO: Barr after Loss

Anthony Barr talks about the huge advantage Stanford had in time of possession and the difficulty UCLA had combating Stanford's jumbo sets...

Anthony Barr after Stanford loss:

On the defense in the first half:
I think we were happy with the first half performance, but the second half, for whatever reason, we didn't come out as strong. Then the big plays that they had, the one handed catch in the end zone, the one fade towards the end zone that led to another touchdown. I think those two plays really stand out. We eliminate those, we're in a different position.

On Stanford dominating the time of possession and if that led to fatigue:
I don't think that was the issue. That's what they try to do. They're going to run the same plays and pound the rock and try to wear you down, but I thought we played pretty well throughout the game for the most part but a couple of things here and there to clean up, that if we cleaned up, we probably would have been in a better position to win the game.

On Stanford's power runs:
We tried to hold them to as few yards as possible. That's what we like to do, but they're happy with 3-4 yards. We tried to hold them to 1-2 yards and force them into 3rd and long and to throw the ball, and do some thing they're not as comfortable doing.

On Stanford converting 3rd and shorts:
I'm not sure we made any big adjustments, maybe minor ones. I know the 3rd and 1s and 3rd and 2s are difficult to stop. They're in the crouch position and try to cut you off and makes it tough for the guys in the back to make it play, but they're good at it and they're a great football team, so props and respect to them.

On going against Stanford's offensive front:
I became almost like a D-Linemen, just having to hold my gap. I try to do my responsibility, do my job, try not to get up the field as much. I have to do whatever I have to do to help the team win.

On going from Stanford to Oregon next week:
I don't think it's going to be difficult, I think we're just excited for the opportunity to bounce back. Any time you lose a game, you just want to get back and play the next one and prove you're not a team that's just going to stay down. I think we're excited for the challenge coming up.

On going against Stanford's left tackle:
He's a very good player. I didn't have many opportunities to rush against him, unfortunately. It's tough, you only get a couple of rushes a game to get into a rhythm, but the ones that I did have, he defended well.

On how they felt they did containing Kevin Hogan:
He did it early on and I think he gashed us a couple of times, we made an effort to keep him in the pocket, and he did pretty well then too. He does what he's coached to do.

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