VIDEO: Zumwalt after Stanford

The senior linebacker, Jordan Zumwalt, talks about the loss to Stanford and the Cardinal offense...

On the loss to Stanford:
This one is definitely going to haunt me. We have the 24-hour rule. But, if there is a game more than any of them, this was it for me. We just have to use the 24-hour rule and move on.

On if they see this as an opportunity to take the next step:
Oh yeah, an opportunity to grow.

On if the opportunity was there against Stanford:
The opportunity was there today to win the game. They also had the opportunity and they seized that opportunity, so we're just going to have to learn and grow from it.

On Stanford's offensive line:
They're very, very physical. They're big guys. Half the time, you know where the ball is going, but can you stop them. They pride themselves on their three yards a pop. They get a push and their tailback is trained real well, and so is their fullback, he just follows the guy who leads for them. Three yards a pop, three yards a pop. They're very difficult to play against and they're very well coached.

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