VIDEO: Klemm after Stanford

The offensive line coach, Adrian Klemm, talks about the injuries and the penalties of the line...

On the offensive lines struggles:
It was a struggle before the injuries. That's a tough front. Some tough guys who rise to the occasion and obviously we struggled a bit today.

On Simon Goines' injury:
It's just a lower extremity injury. Connor's was separate. He tried to go back in there, Simon did, in the second half. We put some guys in there who didn't respond the way we would have liked because of lack of experience, so he tried to go back in there for a couple of plays, but he couldn't get into his stance so he had to come out. I don't know the severity of it. But this is something he couldn't finish the game with. Same with Connor, he tried to go back in for a play, but he couldn't do it.

On if they can't go next week, the chances that Poasi Moala or Scott Quessenberry come off their redshirt:
I don't think that's the answer. Those guys will be special down the road. But are they where I would like them to be to play right now? Probably not. Brandon Willis is a guy that we've had take reps, and we had a jersey for him, he's the next guy up. We'll see the degree of their injuries and we'll go from there. Obviously, what I could do is give X more reps at tackle. Which would help him out. He took about 10 reps. But it's different there, because they bring the pressure. In the situation that we're in, with young guys learning the position, it doesn't make sense to have musical chairs going on at this point. They need to get acclimated with the guys they're playing next to.

On if the game felt like worse-case scenario:
Yeah, just one after another going down. They're a formidable opponent and they're playing well. It just got to a point that we just didn't have another guy playing tackle so we had to put X in there. But then once you do that, there are some plays you want to run with him pulling but you can't do that. Trying to be selfish, and keep him out there, makes it easier for me, but that creates other problems. It makes the game tougher on him. You only have so much time during the week to get guys experience and it's still not game experience. It's one of those things, you want guys to go out there and compete.

On if the injuries last long, who will get the majority of reps:
It just depends. It all depends on the guy who's out. If Simon's out, if Connor's out. It just depends. We had some guys with other things. Carl Hulick just found out he was going to travel and he was a guy I didn't even know I was going to have. Just some things that you go to the drawing board.

On if it feels like last year:
A little bit, but it's still a little different now. We have numbers. We have guys that will be special down the road and guys that will be good players. The ideal thing is you don't want guys until their redshirt sophomore year, or to play early. Then you have guys like Alex and Caleb that aren't the guys that wait. They're a little bit special. That was one of the reason they came here, to embrace the opportunity and they up for it every week. There are some things out there that weren't about being a freshman or a redshirt freshman or even a sophomore. There were blown assignments. You have to be mentally tough and overcome those things and not let it snowball. I pay a little more attention to my group. I have to make sure I get the guys reps and work with a couple of varitations with our units and see whatever of it may come. We have another very good opponent this week. Being young, I have to coach them up, get on them about certain things and certain directions but at the same time, make sure they learn from this game and move on to the next one and not let it linger. Avoid a downward spiral basically.

On the false start penalties:
There are a number of different reasons why there are false starts. Sometimes it could be the linemen, sometimes it's attributed to other people. It's not always what it looks like. It's something that we need to work on as an offense, not just the offensive line. We have to get that corrected. We talked about how it could become an issue and it ended up becoming one. A couple mistakes with the snaps, that's all us, that's on Jake. When it comes to snap count, that's a couple of things. There are a lot of different things. It's not just roll the ball out there. It's a lot of intricate parts. And somethings we need to work on.

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