VIDEO: Evans on Downfield Throws

Shaquelle Evans talks about the missed opportunity on the deep pass in the first half and the overall inability to stretch the field...

Shaquelle Evans talks about passing game:

On the offense's struggles in the first half:
We were just beating ourselves, shooting ourselves in the foot. Got penalties. We'd get a great gain and then get a false start the next play and it throws off our rhythm. Because once we get in a rhythm, as you can see, it's hard to stop us. We kept getting out of rhythm, and that's the main thing that hurt us today.

On the overthrown pass to him on the first series of the second half:
I had a post, and I was supposed to run a post, but I saw Brett getting ready to get sacked, so I stopped, but then he broke loose and threw it so I had to restart my feet and it was hard to get back to the middle of the field.

On the inability to connect with Hundley:
I think it was a combination of both (coverage and time). We lost 2-3 linemen so it was tough to get those guys acclimated to the game. It was a mixture of both. We just have to bounce back and put this game behind us.

On if he thought they could get open:
Yeah, definitely. We were getting open. Once our linemen started to go down, I don't think Brett had time to do anything.

On what the biggest takeaway from the game is:
Basically, just learn how to bounce back. We played a team today that lost last week and they bounced back so it's just a thing that we have to put behind us. We have the 24-hour rule. We have to soak on this for 24-hours then put it behind us and get ready for Oregon.

On the challenge that Oregon presents:
Oregon is a good team too, going on the road to play them, a team that is trying to play for a national championship, and a lot of aspirations for the season, so we have to dig down and find a way to win.

On if UCLA is still in the championship conversation:
I still think we are. We basically just have to run the table, starting this week with a big game with the No. 2 team in the country on the road. That could be a big resume booster.

On the frustration of having chances against Stanford but not taking them:
We tried to hang around and just made too many mistakes. That's how Stanford plays. They're going to pound you and pound you and hope you make a mistake and that's what happened.

On the halftime message:
Just to get in a rhythm. Coach told us it was a dogfight and to keep on fighting. We kept fighting to the end and sometimes it just doesn't go your way.

On if he could tell Hundley was frustrated:
No. Brett never seems frustrated to me, honestly. Whether we win, he stays the same. He was hanging in there. He was tough. He knew that some of his linemen were down, but he never showed that he was frustrated. He stuck in there and I'm proud of him for that.

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