VIDEO: Benenoch on O-Line Issues

Caleb Benenoch talks about the difficulties that UCLA had blocking and how they did compensating for the injuries along the left side...

Caleb Benenoch on Saturday:

On if Stanford did anything different defensively:
It wasn't anything new. Just a matter of execution. They ran a bunch of twists and stunts. It wasn't anything that we weren't prepared for. We just have to execute better.

On their defensive strength up front:
I think we just needed to do better. We needed to execute better up front and we needed to perform better, especially with Oregon coming up. So that's what we're looking forward to right now. It's behind me. Thinking about it is not going to help. We're going to watch the film, fix what we did wrong and perform better.

On if injuries on the left side affected them on the right side:
It didn't. It was just business as usual. Just go out and get your blocks up and do your job.

On if he thought they did ok during the game:
I can't speak for everyone but I feel for me and Alex on our side, we were picking up stuff the right way. Every time it was just one thing. We'll just look at the film. We'll figure out what's going on, we'll fix it and we'll get better.

On penalties:
We need to put ourselves into position, especially in practice, where we put on the music, make it loud so we can assimilate and we've just got to be more focused. Focus in and be more disciplined, with Brett and everybody and be on the same page.

On if Stanford did anything differently defensively:
It was mostly what we saw on film. Stanford doesn't deviate from what they do, they just do what they do. It wasn't anything new, we just have to execute better.

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