VIDEO: Jefferson Talks Secondary Play

Anthony Jefferson talks about the plays made by the secondary and the issues on a couple of the deep passes...

Anthony Jefferson talks about Stanford:

On what went wrong defensively in the second half:
I think that they just made a few plays that we could have capitalized on. We played our hearts out and we gave it all we had but we just came up short.

On if there is more pressure on the defense with the offense sputtering:
We weren't tired. That's what we train for. We have a fast tempo offense and they push us way tougher than what (Stanford) did. It wasn't about being tired. It was about stopping them and making plays when we had to.

On what changes in the defense trying to stop a power run game:
It just changes knowing you're going to be in the run game more. That's exactly what happened. Me and Randall both in the running game, I think we made pretty good tackles. There were a few that slipped away, but all in all I thought we did pretty good in the run game.

On Kodi Whitfield's one-handed touchdown grab:
I was the side safety. I ran over there and I just mistimed my jump. He made a great catch. I give him all the credit, he made a good play. But those are the ones that I feel I should have been able to make the play. I'm going to look at it and see what I can do better to make the play.

On if he was surprised that Whitfield made the catch:
I'd seen Ish in my peripherals' and I tried to jump. I guess I just mistimed my jump. He just made a good play. There is not much you can do. Good defense, but just a better play.

On Stanford's receiver size:
That didn't have anything to do with it. They just made their plays when they could and we came up short with some plays. That didn't have anything to do with it. We're used to it. We can go against any receiver so that doesn't matter.

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