VIDEO: Barr on Oregon

Anthony Barr talks about how the team might match up better against Oregon than it does against Stanford...

Anthony Barr talks about Oregon:

On if they saw anything different in watching the film from Stanford:
No, it was kind of what we thought. Little details there we need to get cleaned up, we'll take care of those and move forward.

On watching Oregon:
We'll check them out for the first time this afternoon. See their strengths, their weaknesses and just go from there.

On if he's watched some of Oregon's games:
I've watched a couple of TV copies, although I think TV copies can lie to you sometimes. You kind of want to break down the film and it makes it a lot easier to find out about a team when you watch the film.

On what he knows about Marcus Mariota:
I know he's at the top of the Heisman race right now, he's a great football and he'll be a great challenge for us.

On if he looks forward to the challenge:
Yeah. I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help the team win. I'm not worried about myself, I'll make plays and do my job.

On if the time of possession favoring Stanford affected them:
I don't think so. We're on the field for 60 minutes. We just have to get better.

On if the defense is more equipped to handle a faster offense:
I think we match up with them a little better in terms of our athleticism and our speed. I think it's going to be a challenge nonetheless, but I think it's going to be a matchup.

On the teams attitude after the loss:
It's still upbeat. Still everything that we want to accomplish as a team, is still out there and possible for us. We just have to go out there with our heads held high and looking forward to the challenge this week.

On facing zone read teams earlier this year and if it will help against Oregon:
I think playing our offense kind of helps us every day in practice and throughout camp in attacking the zone read and the mesh point and falling back for the quarterback. I think it's something that has helped us the last couple of years and we're confident going forward.

On if they'll try to keep Mariota in the pocket or show off their pass rush:
It's going to be a mix of both. I know he's a very capable runner. He'll be able to get out and make some plays with his legs but he's also a great thrower. He's a dual threat, a prototypical dual threat really. He's a great quarterback and we'll have to contain him as much as possible.

On if it will be easier to keep Mariota in the pocket:
Probably. Like I said, they'll spread it out a little more and get it out to guys who make big plays. It will take a team defensive effort to slow those guys down.

On if it felt different going against Stanford's offense:
Yeah, it is a little different. I think at one point they ran a little no-huddle for a short period, but for the most part, when you run up tempo, you're kind of used to that pace. You're conditioning is a little better and more suited for that.

On what the key to slowing down an Oregon offense:
First and second down success. I think doing that and getting off the field early, is very key. And shutting down the run.

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