VIDEO: Payton Talks Offensive Rhythm

Jordan Payton discusses UCLA's timing issues, how important it is to be in a rhythm, and the matchup against Oregon this week...

Jordan Payton on Oregon:

On the downfield passing struggles against Stanford:
I think that guys were open, we were ready to make plays, but some simple things we've got to clean up with the line and other areas. Stanford played really well too. Credit to them. They pressured the quarterback pretty well. We cleaned up some things and we should be good to go.

On what Stanford did to limit the offense:
I think we got away from the flow of how our offense works. We do it, we'll be fine. Like I said, credit goes to Stanford. That's a tough defense with Skov and all them. They play well against the run and they definitely want to take that away. We've just got to adjust like we always do. It's a good loss, I would say because you go against a tough defense and you see what you've got to correct. We're just trying to push forward now and continue to get better.

On getting back into rhythm:
I think that comes with maturity. I think that's from games like that. You develop that from losses. We're definitely developing that every single day and every single game, and we'll get mature. You can get back into rhythm. It's about fight and determination.

On finding positives in their lone touchdown drive:
You could see that Stanford was playing us well, but you saw that we could find rhythm. We just didn't do enough. We'll get there.

On facing Oregon:
Oregon is a very good team and we all know they play fast, so for us, we've just got to keep pushing it and get better every single day.

On facing Oregon cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olumu:
From what I've seen so far, he plays smart, and he's gifted with some things that not many of us have. To go against him, the guys will have to get ready to play and do what we do and it will be exciting to watch.

On the third down struggles:
I think that's the only down that matters. For us, I think that's what our mindset should be. We started the year off top five on third down, and it definitely went down after Stanford. Like I said, that's going to come. We need some bumps in the road to develop the strength for later in the season.

On the lone touchdown:
We found some rhythm, and if you go back and watch the film, we were hitting the passes to get us 5-6 yards and keep the chains moving. Just continue to try to move the sticks.

On if something has changed the last few games:
I don't think so. You just have to realize that you're going against Stanford. They play real football. Not to discredit any other team, but they play big, physical football. They know on third down, it's the down they have to win. Playing a top ten team, we just have to get better.

On the youth of the offensive line:
I would say that some of it probably was. I wouldn't say none of it had an effect on them. I'm not them so I can't tell you. But I think some of it probably did. They have to step up like every man out here. You guys know the motto around here. We're just expecting them to be the best.

On the penalties:
That was a big factor for us. Every time we would get some rhythm and get going, we'd get hit with penalties. It's about discipline like Coach Mora has been really pushing on us. It's one thing we definitely have to work on.

On the swing passes not working against Stanford:
I'm not really completely sure. Looking at the film, we had a lot of opportunities, a lot of missed opportunities. I think that maybe some guys are used to breaking it for 15-20 yards, and now we just have to earn every five yards and we have to get ready for football. Every down is going to be a down and every down you have to fight. That's one of the things I took from this game, that you have to earn every yard. We learned. We're a young team and we've been learning. That was definitely a great lesson for us.

On if Hundley's scrambling changes the offense:
It could be good, it could be bad. You saw against Stanford he broke one for 31 yards. It just depends. Brett is an amazing player, so when he's scrambling, it could be bad, it could be good, it just depends. The offense is in rhythm when he's moving. Whether that's throwing the ball or running down field.

On how much timing is important in the offense:
It's everything. Everything is timing based. There is so much trust between me and him and all of us really, that we're going to be there. That's the same with the whole offense. We've heard the term, the machine, if one part of the machine isn't working, the whole thing can't go. If we're not all on time, and not moving in sync, it can't really be effective. At times we were all over the place, as receivers and as Y's and we couldn't really move like we wanted to.

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