VIDEO: Savaiinaea on PT

True freshman linebacker Isaako Savaiinaea talked after practice about getting thrown in last week against Stanford and facing Oregon Saturday...

Isaako Savaiinaea talked during Oregon week.

On his mindset when he replaced Eric Kendricks:
I've been preparing the whole week like I'd been a starter, so I was ready for the moment. Coach always told me if guys go down, just be there and be ready.

On the biggest adjustments:
Just technique. I got into a lot of high school habits so that's what I'm trying to work on this week and just fixing my technique. Playing high, you know in high school, you can just throw guys around, but of course that is different in college. So just playing low, that is the key.

On if it took him a while to get adjusted:
Yeah, definitely. I would say it just took a series but after that series, I was acclimated.

On if that helped him for the potential of more time against Oregon:
It helped a lot. It got me used to the speed. When we play Oregon, I'm sure I'll be ready for that.

On if the speed is the biggest adjustment:
Not really, we do a lot of stuff with our offense over here so we get used to the speed.

On if Kendricks has told him if he's out for Saturday:
No, he hasn't. He's just been trying to get good. But he's been out practicing, so it's looking good.

On what he's improved on the most:
Just moving around. Trying to get to the ball. Trying to be a ball hawk pretty much.

On what he's seen from Oregon:
They always have their infamous triple option. That's going to be pretty hard to stop, but I'm sure with our game plan, we have a way to stop it. They have more than five plays, definitely. We're just preparing with our game plan and hopefully it works.

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