VIDEO: Jack on Successive Big Games

Freshman linebacker Myles Jack discusses what he learned against Stanford, the prospect of facing Oregon and the camraderie of the UCLA freshmen..

Myles Jack talked during Oregon week.

On being heavy underdogs against Oregon:
I think we do kind of thrive in that roll. People don't expect you to come through, so that is just even more motivation, to shock people. I don't know, I like it.

On Marcus Mariota:
He can run, he can pass, he can do it all. He's a bigtime player, a Heisman contender, he's a great player.

On if this will be a test for the linebackers:
This is one of those tests, we'll see how we can run sideline to sideline with him. We're going to have to cover in space, we're going to have to make open field tackles. We'll have to go to Oregon, the No. 2 team in the nation, this is one of the biggest tests we'll face coming off the Stanford game.

On if there is anything different schemewise with Oregon compared to other running quarterbacks:
We'll have a little different twist compared to how we played other quarterbacks because they have weapons outside and with DeAnthony Thomas coming back, we'll have to do things different. If we just focus our attention on him, and then he comes up scrambling, someone will come open and he'll dump it to them.

On the takeaways from Stanford:
That was a physical game. Guys bigger than me, all game long, I was on the outside just battling. They were lining up as tight ends but they were really linemen. Their running backs were strong. It was just a physical game, just like they told me it would be. It was like nothing I had experienced.

On preparing for the defense between Stanford and Oregon:
The speed for sure. You just have to adapt. That's the thing with the Pac-12, you're going to face different offenses each week. Whether its the spread, or pro-style or Stanford's type of offense, you just have to adapt.

On what their focus was against Stanford:
We really had to focus on gap control, that was one of the main points that week. We couldn't try to do too much, that was one of the things we focused on.

On the relationship between the freshman:
The freshman, we're a tight knit group. We're actually going to have a meeting tonight to talk about how everything is going. The freshman, though, we're definitely the tightest group on the team, I think. I love my class. I'm cool with everyone in my class. Just the freshman are meeting. We're going to kick it tonight and play video games.

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