VIDEO: Zumwalt on Oregon O

Senior linebacker Jordan Zumwalt talked about having to defend a smashmouth offense like Stanford to, this week, Oregon's fast-paced offense...

Jordan Zumwalt talked to us during Oregon game week.

On what makes Mariota good:
He's very fast and he's a very elusive threat.

On the key to stopping him:
You have assignment football, you have to do your job. When you have ten guys do the job and one guy messes up, that's when they take advantage.

On what changes if Eric Kendricks can't go:
We're not worried about it.

On playing with Isaac Savaiinaea:
It was cool. It was fun to play next to Isaac. We talk to him and hang out with him every day and we're out here working every day. He's a young guy and it was kind of cool when he came in and got some reps. As much as we would love EK being in for the rest of the Stanford game, it was a cool experience.

On how Savaiinaea did:
He did well. He was young, and still a little immature, mental-wise but he did well.

On the importance of the game to the linebackers:
It's a very important game to the entire team, regardless. This is one we have to come up with a W, and it's very important for the defense because they are elusive and we're a very fast defense.

On if he does anything different with two true freshman next to him:
No. Those guys, you don't have to make up for those guys. They're both really talented and know what they're doing. They make calls that correct us sometimes.

On how you slow down Oregon:
You don't, you have to play with them. There is nothing you can do to really slow them down. They tend to speed up their tempo when they have success, so we'll keep their success to a minimum. Other than that, you have to keep up with them. We run with a tempo every day against our own team.

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