VIDEO: Mazzone on Hundley, Offense

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about Brett Hundley's struggles last week, the offensive line, and Oregon's defense...

Noel Mazzone talks about offensive line, Hundley:

On if Oregon's defense gets overlooked:
Their defense is always good. They're very athletic. They're the No. 2 or No. 3 team in the country. I've been lucky enough to go up and play them two years when I was up at Arizona State. It's a good defense and Allioti does a great job up there. In my estimation, schematically, they're like our defense. So it's been great working against our guys.

On what he sees from Oregon's corners:
I think their both good, I don't think of one less than the other. They have good safeties. Juniors and seniors in the back end. Long guys up front. All those great things an offensive coordinator loves to hear. He does a great job with the scheme. They never panic on defense. It's going to be a great, like every week. We'll get to play against one of the top defenses in the country and we look forward to the challenge.

On how the offensive line is coming along:
You know, good, I'm actually excited about it. Obviously, not having Simon, not having Torian, not having those guys. But I'm really, really excited about the progress that Caleb and Alex have made on that right side. And now with Quess jumping in there, another freshman, at guard. I'm really excited about him. What a great experience for these kids, get to go on the road, play the top team in the country, on TV. That's why they signed up, to do these kinds of things. It's just next guy up for us. They're all the same. Whether they've played in 30 games or whether they've played in two games. I'm excited to watch them.

On if it changes the offense:
I'm not very smart anyways, I don't have a lot of plays. Not really, I think what it does is cuts down on the volume. We're not going to change who we are or what we are. We might just cut down on the volume. With Brett back there, I really expect Brett to play a solid game. Every week for these kids is that series of events that will make them better, and I think all of them do, and every quarterback goes through that and he's excited about that.

On how Scott Quessenberry is doing at guard:
He's done good. We'll find out Saturday.

On if he can see what has ailed Hundley of late:
We missed a couple of throws there. He was still 31-for-41 for 400 yards. It's easy to nitpick. And this is what happens, all the expectations- he's not supposed to do this, he's supposed to do this or do that. It's things that just repetitions, him keep doing things, sometimes he might press a little too hard to be perfect. I turn on the TV every week and watch Tom Brady and those guys and every now and then You've got a game like that. The thing is, where is his next step from there. Does he learn and correct some of the little things. And then on the other side, there were a little bit of issues, when a couple of guys go down on the offensive line, well that's a pretty dang good defense we played last week.

On if his misses is attributable to the lack of protection:
No doubt, it would be like that for all of us. And a little bit of him getting comfortable, there are three guys not there that were on August 1st. So different guys, him learning those guys, me learning those guys and doing a better job of protecting those guys up front.

On learning to throw accurately on the run:
I don't know but we're getting a lot of practice at it. That's the whole thing of fundamental football, they move through from August 1st. If you want me to go through the mechanics, don't overstride, follow the throw, attack the throw. It's just like anything, how does a right guard learn to step in the right foot. It's doing it so many times that it's not a thought process during the game, it's a reaction. I'm on the move and this is how it happens. A quarterback doesn't think 'I can't overstride, I have to keep my arm up, I've got to follow my throw.' He's done it so many times he becomes efficient.

On if Quessenberry is a step behind Redmond and Benenoch:
I'll tell you, Quess is a sharp guy. Where is he from, San Diego? He's kind of a football family, his brother's played. And you know what, I think he's really excited. I don't think he's worried, I think he's excited about it. Fundamentally, he's behind because he hasn't gotten the work like the other guys have and doesn't have the game experience. Like I told you, I'm excited to watch him play and to see how he does.

On if he'll be the guy at left guard:
I think so. I don't know, we've still got another two days of practice and we'll see how things pan out from there, but he's getting reps at left guard.

On the level of concern starting three freshman on the line:
I also heard it's going to be like 64 degrees and no rain in Oregon. We're not going to change what we do.

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