VIDEO: Spanos Talks Oregon

Defensive coordinator Lou Spanos talks about the challenges of facing Oregon's scheme and the amount of speed on Oregon's offense...

Lou Spanos talks about Oregon:

On Marcus Mariota:
He's special. He does a great job seeing the field, first reads, he can throw all the balls, he's very accurate, and also too, he keeps plays alive, he's a threat to run the ball. We have a challenge for us.

On if he's seen this much speed in an offense since he's been at UCLA:
This offense we're playing, they have a lot of speed at all different positions too. They do a real good job with their receivers and also with their tight end and then the running backs. They have speed everywhere. With all that being said, their offensive line does a great job of blocking and communicating.

On if there is a key to stopping that speed:
We'll find out on Saturday.

On going from Stanford's offense to Oregon's offense:
That's one great thing about the Pac-12. Each week you have a new offense and a new theme and this week we're playing a high-powered offense. They're ranked nationally offensively, they put a lot of points on the board and rushing yards and passing yards. Once again, this conference is a good conference and you're getting the best offenses each week. And this one we have a great challenge for us.

On if it helps playing read options earlier in the year:
Oh yeah. The offenses have sort of an aspect to each one, with the read option play, and they do a great job of using more formations and more people doing it in different looks.

On defending DeAnthony Thomas:
We have to make sure to read that every time. We have to make sure where he is and what's his location.

On their talent offensively:
They have a lot of talented players and they use them in different positions. They put receivers in the backfield. We just have to go out and make sure where their skill players are.

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