VIDEO: Su'a-Filo on Frosh O-Linemen

Xavier Su'a-Filo talks about playing left tackle again for the first time in a long time and how he sees Scott Quessenberry playing at left guard...

Xavier Su'a-Filo on youth in the offensive line:

On playing with three true freshman on the offensive line:
The possibilities, the next man up. We're five games in.

On what he's seen from Scott Quessenberry:
He's a good player. He works hard and he's still learning and he's got to get better every day.

On if it's easier for Quessenberry being between him and Brendel:
It might bring a little more comfort but I don't know if it will be any easier.

On the tips he's giving Quessenberry playing left guard:
Since I played left guard as well, I've been able to tell him what he did wrong, I can even see it from tackle and just help him with his technique. He's sharp, he's a very sharp kid and as soon as it happens, he catches himself doing it so I don't really have to say much to him, just give him the look and he's like 'I know, I know.'

On what he remembers from his first start as a true frosh:
That I could do it. I had confidence. You're a little unsure of yourself, you take all the reps, you don't know what to expect, but then you start playing. Playing against San Diego State, I did o.k. there and then we went to Tennessee and that was a real test. Your eyes are opening and this isn't high school anymore. I think the biggest thing for me was the confidence that I could play.

On if it's harder for a freshman to come in midseason as opposed to the start of the year:
You know, I'm not sure, I can't say. Whoever we have out there better be ready.

On re-learning technique playing left tackle:
It's a little different. Working hard in the sets. Muscle memory, actually physically doing it. Sets, assignments are different. Just trying to get back.

On improving on third down:
Very important. We have to execute on our drives and score points. Last week, unfortunately, we didn't do that. We have to do it for the rest of the season and try to get out of 3rd and long situations and help out Brett and help out our receivers.

On who will start at left guard:
I don't know. We're going to have five guys out there.

On Oregon's defensive line:
They're a tough team. Big, tough and physical guys, athletic defense, we have to prepare for them the same way.

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